Flux Roadmap Update — The Decentralized Push Forward

Flux Official
7 min readSep 5, 2021

Over the last three-and-a-half years Flux has delivered non-stop towards our vision of a decentralized, web 3.0 cloud powered by users. Now is the time to accelerate towards this vision. The project will always be committed to building a decentralized future and has laid out this ambitious roadmap over the next twelve months to take Flux mainstream. Read on to see what lies ahead on the path to decentralization.

Flux started out in 2018 as ZELcash ($ZEL) and has been in constant development since then. On March 27th, 2021, ZEL was discontinued and relaunched as Flux in what is called a ‘hard fork’. For the sake of simplicity, think of the hard fork as an upgrade like going from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

The hard fork was done to provide the best foundation for the continued development of the Flux ecosystem, provide the best incentives to loyal Flux holders, miners, and node operators, and also integrate Flux with all the major decentralized finance (Defi) platforms and grow the Fluxnode network.

It’s been a little more than 150 days since Flux was born at the ZEL/FLUX hard fork and in that time Flux has hit many project milestones:

  • The launch of parallel assets, parallel mining, and Fusion swap to unlock Flux Defi trading and ecosystem. Parallel assets have doubled the block rewards for miners and node operators, creating the best mining profitability in POW.
  • The launch of the Flux XDAO, a decentralized autonomous organization enabling the community to vote and make decisions on where Flux will travel next.
  • The increased power of the Flux decentralized computational network. Less than 1000 nodes at the hard fork have grown to 1800+ nodes now.
  • The successful launch of many new decentralized applications, partnerships, and new Flux exchange listings.
  • The launch of Flux staking on the CoinMetro exchange.
  • The massive success of the community-led marketing effort that is funded by the Flux foundation after a community proposal was voted through the XDAO.
  • The onboarding of many new teams and community members and developers.

Looking to the horizon, here are the developments the Flux team will be working on for the next 12 months.

Flux is a community-driven project and most team members volunteer their time to develop the projects. Sometimes life gets in the way and things get delayed, or new opportunities and partnerships need to be pursued and things get moved around, so manage expectations accordingly.

Roadmap Q4 2021

Q4 of this year will have some nice developments for our loyal holders, miners, and node operators as the snapshot and release of the Solana and Tron parallel assets will take place. The distribution snapshot will be taken on October 15th. Also, the Flux community mining pool at Fluxpools will be implementing parallel mining distribution so miners can collect their parallel mining rewards.

Q4 will also gear up Flux for onboarding more Enterprise clients and partners by bringing new developments to the service and support side of Flux. The Flux Wiki content will be developed and a Flux Enterprise Service Desk will be launched to assist Flux clients who want to or have already deployed apps on the Flux network. A security and vulnerability audit will be conducted so Flux has documentation that the network is safe and reliable for Enterprise operations. The Flux team will be strengthened with a Chief Marketing Officer to bring in new community members, clients, and partners.

The Flux tech will see a major new development as phase 1 of the FluxOS fork will be launched kicking off a platform refresh and update that will bring in lots of new features for FluxOS. Also, Flux will launch phase one of IPFS on Flux enabling the network to utilize this great decentralized technology.

Another major milestone will be Non-Fungible Tokens aka NFTs coming to Flux (Maybe even a Dibi?). Flux will implement NFTs on the Flux platform so it adds to the usefulness and flexibility of the platform as a whole. The implementation will not focus only on trading collectibles but also on Enterprise and business use cases such as corporate bonds, municipal bonds, physical assets, digital art, copyrighted IP, licenses and certifications, etc. NFTs are making a splash in blockchain right now and will also make quite an impact when they get implemented ‘the Flux way’.

The quarter will also include new developments on Flux infinity contracts, the term for the limitless decentralized applications running on the Flux network. And what better way to celebrate a great Q4 than topping the previous 20-in-20 with a blazing hot 30-in-30 adding 30(!) new decentralized applications to the Flux network in just 30 days.

Oh, and the Kadena partnership will see a nice upgrade as well.

Roadmap Q1 2022

The new year will be kicked off with yet another parallel asset distribution. Two additional parallel assets will be launched and will join the ranks. Two great projects in crypto that will create exciting new Defi possibilities for Flux holders.

Node operators can look forward to the launch of storage nodes on the Flux network providing new opportunities for them as well as boosting the Flux network on the storage side. A new node benchmark will also be released.

The focus on Enterprise continues as The Enterprise outreach program will commence and an Enterprise onboarding website will be launched making Flux more accessible to Enterprise clients looking to launch on Flux infrastructure.

On the technology side phase, 2 of the FluxOS fork will launch as well as an updated FluxOS UI. A major milestone will come with phase 2 of the FluxOS fork as Docker-compose will be implemented. Docker Compose enables multi-container Docker applications to run on the Flux network and will pave the way for some awesome new applications.

Q1 will have some nice surprises as well as a super-secret team of great developers who has been developing the project ‘Nebulous’. What is it you ask? Well, we’re not quite ready to share that yet, but it will be glorious. Fusion will also have something new and cool up its sleeve, we call it to project ‘jetpack’, and that lands in Q1 as well.

One last thing that isn’t a secret, version 3 of the DibiFetch pricing oracle will be launching in Q1 of 2022.

Roadmap Q2 2022

The Q2 plan is not as detailed as the others yet, but it does hold a couple of great milestones.

It will see the launch of phase 3 of the FluxOS fork bringing with it a Swarm mode for docker deployment. This will enable Flux to run complicated setups of many applications running across multiple hosts interacting with each other as managers or workers once again expanding and growing the potential of the Flux network.

Q2 will also see the first test release of Proof of Useful Work on Flux. This enables Flux to utilize the GPU mining hash power to solve real-world problems such as protein folding, training machine learning algorithms, rendering or deep fake detection. GPU compute can be added to the already vast resources of the Flux computational network upon full implementation of Proof of Useful Work.

But the best thing about Q2 2022 is that it will have Flux Concurrence, a Flux Meet-Up and Hackathon celebrating innovation and disruption in blockchain technology as well as all things Flux. This is something the team is very much looking forward to and believes will be a gathering to remember.

Roadmap Q3 — Q4 2022

The second half of 2022 will be massive for Flux as it will have two major events.

Flux will deploy its new Proof of Useful Work mining algorithm and will probably become the first blockchain project ever to do this. This will do massive good for blockchain as a whole as it solves some of the main issues with legacy Proof of Work. It will make GPU mining more sustainable and environmentally friendly and it will also provide an unprecedented boost to Flux network resources as GPU compute becomes available for the network to use.

Flux will also transform and evolve as it will migrate to a new blockchain built from the ground up to support Flux's growth and innovation going forward. Flux is originally a hard fork of Zcash. In order to continue pushing innovation in blockchain Flux will need to free itself from the limitations that follow by being forked from another project and having to continue on that codebase. The new Flux blockchain will be designed and built for the decentralized future and will provide many new opportunities for Flux technology as it pushes forward.

We can Flux it — The future is decentralized

Flux is ramping up to be the premier decentralized computational network and a preferred partner for Enterprise clients who want to host their apps on a truly decentralized platform. At the same time, Flux is innovating and pushing blockchain technology forward by developing and upgrading the Flux ecosystem.

However, Flux is nothing without community, so feel free to join in and provide your feedback on the future of Flux. Feel free to drop by the Flux discord to meet the Flux team and community. And also make sure to visit the official Flux website hosted on the Flux decentralized network.