Fluxilicious- 20in20: Final 10 days

The Flux ’20 in 20’ initiative has been completed. Flux deployed 20(!) decentralized applications on the Flux decentralized computational network in just 20 days. But it doesn’t stop there, Flux will keep the momentum going so keep a lookout for even more dapp deployments coming soon.

Here’s a recap of what dapps were deployed during the final 10 days in case you missed them.

The Flux ’20 in 20’ initiative showcases the power and flexibility of the Flux network by launching 20 new decentralized apps, or dapps, in just 20 days. The dapps launched are a mix of new partnership apps, proofs-of-concept, back-end tech, and more. Even though ’20 in 20’ has now wrapped up with all 20 dapps deployed on time, Flux will keep the momentum going so expect more dapps soon. Also, check out the latest AMA to hear about all the great things going on in the Flux ecosystem besides ’20 in 20’.

The Flux decentralized computational network recently hit the milestone of 1700 nodes online and is leveraged by blockchain technology. It is a truly decentralized platform that is open-source and community-driven. Any hardened dockerized image can be globally deployed on the network and harness the power of Flux with more than 8,400 CPU cores, 25 terabytes of Ram, and 880 terabytes of storage space. Network node growth continues with more than 25% network growth since May 1st, 2021.

Let’s have a look at the new dapps that have joined the Flux network during the final 10 days of ’20 in 20’.

You can find the recap for the first 10 days here.

Day 11: Light Bike

Channel your inner TRON light biker in this WebGL 3D game. Control a light bike and try to take out the competition in this arcade game inspired by TRON and classic snake gameplay.

Acces the game on running on Flux here: https://lightbike.app.runonflux.io/

Day 12: CivClicker

The Flux team continues to try and steal your life away with another addictive clicker game. This time it’s the open-source game CivClicker, an incremental game by David Holley and Scott A. Colcord. This game is quite extensive, so play at your own peril!

Acces the game on running on Flux here: https://civclicker.app.runonflux.io/

Day 13: Flux XDAO

It’s time to put down another key milestone for Flux as the xDAO is now live on the network. As the next logical step towards decentralization, the xDAO will enable the Flux community to submit proposals on the future of Flux. Flux node operators will then be able to vote whether proposals are accepted or rejected.

This on-chain governance is a definite upgrade to the Flux blockchain and ecosystem as Flux holders are now further incentivized to hold on to their Flux and run nodes on the network. If you want to influence, if you want to rule in the kingdom of Flux, then you will need to provide resources to the network in return.

The xDAO lives on the Flux dashboard, where you can access it to submit proposals, vote, and get an overview of active and historic proposals.

Be sure to check out the full XDAO announcement.

Day 14: KDA Chainweb Data

The dapp to run KDA Chainweb Data is deployed and Flux will now run the essential Chainweb data for the new Kadena DEX, Kaddex. This marks the beginning of phase two of the long-running Flux/Kadena partnership on providing infrastructure for the Kadena blockchain.

Stratus Flux node operators will be required to run both KDA chainweb node and KDA Chainweb data dapps to continue to earn $KDA moving forward. Nimbus requirements are unchanged.

Learn more about the Phase Two developments with KDA in the official announcement.

Day 15: Level 13

Get ready for another exciting open-source game. Level 13 is a text-based incremental science fiction browser adventure where the player must survive in a dark, decayed City, (re-)discover old and new technologies, and rebuild a civilization that has collapsed.

Acces the game on running on Flux here: https://level13.app.runonflux.io/

Day 16: ‘BounceBack’ & ‘Dwarfs: There and Back Again’

On day 16 two top-10 games from @js13kGames 2019 launched on Flux.

‘BounceBack’ by @KilledByAPixel is a roguelite where you fight using your trusty boomerang. It features procedurally generated levels, a shop, different pickups, and an epic boss fight.

‘Dwarfs: There and Back Again’ by @mvasilkov is an idle game with a tale of high adventure, undertaken by a company of dwarfs, in search of dragon-guarded gold, true friendship, and varieties of ale (not necessarily in that order).

Access the games running on Flux here:



Day 17: Sync Paint

Tired of messing around trying to draw something in your Zoom meetings?

Sync Paint allows multiple users to draw on one canvas at the same time. You can draw together with other people simply by sharing the link to your room. Finally, a convenient way to draw and collaborate in real-time. Also, it’s good for some laughs if you set up a room with your friends and take on some drawing challenges.

Try it running on Flux here: https://syncpaint.app.runonflux.io/

Day 18: The House

If you want to kick back and relax here is a really nice open source point-and-click adventure created by @arturkot. It’s a short game, but it has a really nice art style and feels to it. If you like a good old point-and-click adventure then you’ll enjoy this one for sure.

Access the games on running on Flux here: https://thehouse.app.runonflux.io/

Day 19: ‘Prestige tree’ & ‘Progress Knight’

It’s hard to limit yourself to launching just one dapp a day, so here’s another double game release.

‘Prestige Tree’ is an incremental game made by Jacorb90. It won Best Browser Game of 2020 in the /r/incremental_games Reddit and is themed around achievements and prestige resets.

‘Progress Knight’ is a text-based incremental game developed by Ihtasham42. In this game, you must progress through the career ladder and acquire new skills to become the ultimate being.

Access the games running on Flux here:



Day 20: Fusion

This dapp launch marks another great Flux milestone. Through the power of the Fusion app in Zelcore Flux node operators can now claim their parallel mining rewards.

Every time a Flux node operator has earned a block reward since 27th march 2021 a tenth of that block reward is also given on each of the 10 planned Flux parallel assets, effectively doubling the rewards for Flux node operators. Now it is possible to claim these rewards for the three parallel assets currently released; Flux-KDA, Flux-ETH, and Flux-BSC.

You can claim now or wait for either way you will keep on stacking rewards every time your nodes earn block rewards with Flux.

Claim through the Fusion app in Zelcore by entering your node's address and private key.

Wrapping up

That wraps up an amazing ’20 in 20’ for Flux. The 10 final days brought two major FLux milestones with the launch of XDAO and Fusion parallel mining claiming, phase two of the Flux/Kadena partnership, a productivity dapp, and no less than eight great games.

It’s no secret that Flux loves game developers, so if you’re looking for somewhere to host your game be sure to join the official Flux Discord and contact the Flux team.

You can find most of the new dapps under ‘global apps’ on the Flux dashboard, so be sure to check that out.

As always you can find more information here in the official Flux Medium and on the Flux website.



Blog source for all things Flux, officially; from the Flux Team | https://runonflux.io | https://twitter.com/runonflux

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