Staking Flux on CoinMetro Is A Massive Success

In just around two weeks almost 4 million Flux has been staked on CoinMetro! Flux holders are fully embracing this exciting new way of earning Flux and the Flux network is experiencing huge growth because of it.

The CoinMetro exchange opened Flux staking on May 28th. With as little as 500 Flux you are now able to stake it and earn Flux in a convenient and easily accessible way.

Anyone can do it! Deposit FLUX on CoinMetro, access the FLUX staking dashboard in the ‘earn’ section and you’re good to go.

This latest milestone in the partnership between CoinMetro and Flux is off to a highly successful start with 3.7 million FLUX staked as of June 10th, 2021. That’s almost 4 million in only two weeks' time!

Coinmetro staking is not only great for the individual person staking Flux to earn more, it benefits all Flux holders and the entire Flux network as well.

At the time of writing this article almost 40% of the Flux circulating supply is locked through staking and Flux node collaterals. Less Flux is available to buy means more scarcity which is a driver for the value of Flux in the crypto market. This benefits all Flux holders as their investment in Flux will be more stable with a greater potential for price growth.

But it gets even better. All the Flux staked on CoinMetro is used to run ‘Stratus’ nodes on the Flux network thus increasing the amount of computing, storage, and ram available for decentralized apps running on Flux.

The ‘stratus’ nodes are the powerhouse nodes of the Flux network and due to Coinmetro staking, there are now 37 more of them available to the network. That translates to 296 CPU cores, 1,184 gigabytes of ram, and a whopping 222 terabytes of storage now added to the FLUX decentralized computational network.

CoinMetro staking is a welcome boost to the number of ‘Stratus’ nodes, but currently, the Flux network is seeing growth all around. It just recently hit a milestone of 1500+ active Flux nodes. The community celebrated in the official FLUX Discord, where a meme competition for the best ‘1500 Flux nodes’ memes ensued.

In the spirit of decentralization anyone can run a Flux node, no paperwork required! The only requirement is locking up the required collateral while the node is in operation and delivering within the hardware specifications of the node tier.

Details on FLUX nodes.

Guide on setting up a FLUX node — start to finish.

Be sure to stay informed with the latest news on the official FLUX website.



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