Flux Releases Phase-Two for Kadena Network Hosting Services

Continuing to build on the strength of the Kadena and Flux blockchains with deep inter-chain interoperability. Flux is setting a goal to become an Infura-like infrastructure for Kadena.

With any good partnership, there are ever-changing dynamics and new strategic goals. With the mind-blowing success of the KDA node launch on Flux, we will be moving to phase two of the development iteration.

Here are some of the finer points about the upcoming changes:

  • Kadena application uptime requirements will be raised to 97%.
  • All rewards will now be reviewed on a monthly basis and announced prior to the start of the month. Several metrics will be taken into consideration such as price, hashrate, and overall nodes required on the network. Running the new Kadena nodes application will still be a very rewarding process, and payments will be adjusted each month, much like mining rewards are done, but with more time between adjustments. Rewards will remain weekly- Tuesday distro, new payout model will take effect 06–08–2021
  • Node requirements will continue to be more demanding as we work toward becoming the Infura for KDA — a one-stop-shop for infrastructure developed to meet all their needs, and develop our platform
  • We will be fine-tuning https://stats.runonflux.io to ensure better response times, availability, and metrics so node ops can have a better overall insight into their performance
  • Updates to Flux Domain Manager (FDM) for higher automatization as well as ensure decentralization of FDMs is also in scope for the month of June
  • We have released a new “Watch-Dog” for all decentralized node systems administrators to help mitigate lost time on the network

As Kadena continues to grow, our network will need to scale and grow with it. We need to be able to provide service-level agreements and powerful uptime. Want to run a Flux node?

Learn more here: Run On Flux!



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