Flux Launches 20 Dapps in 20 Days, Pushes for Growing on Platform

Flux Official
2 min readJun 21, 2021

Starting July 1st Flux will make a major push and launch 20 new decentralized apps in just 20 days. New Dapps will include major tools for the growing community of hodlers, miners, node operators, and developers on the Flux Ecosystem. Don’t miss out on this epic Flux flex.

Starting on July 1st Flux will launch the ’20 Dapps in 20 days’ campaign and showcase the power and versatility of the Flux decentralized computational network.

The Flux network has seen large growth and recently surpassed the 1600 nodes milestone. The ever-increasing number of nodes continues to strengthen the network’s decentralization and keeps on adding to the raw power of Flux by stacking more CPU cores, more RAM, and more storage.

Flux is firmly consolidating its position as one of the key players in the truly decentralized internet of the future. The momentum is only building and this July will be one to remember.

To showcase both the power and the versatility of the Flux ecosystem a whole 20 Dapps will be deployed in just 20 days!

Flux makes app deployment simple as FluxOS runs any hardened Dockerized app. Apps can be deployed globally onto the expansive network of Fluxnodes and leverage the strengths of true decentralization.

Right now the Flux network runs several decentralized apps such as nodes for the Kadena blockchain, Coinbase Rosetta API nodes, Nitter privacy-focused Twitter frontend, and the Dibifetch pricing oracle.

Starting July 1st twenty more Dapps will deploy onto the Flux network increasing network utilization, growing the ecosystem, and providing new and exciting opportunities for Flux node operators and developers.

What will they be? That will be a surprise in order to provide some spice of life for your July.

The only thing stronger than the Flux network itself is the Flux community. Flux is a community-driven project in the spirit of true decentralization. It is based on Proof of Work and has had no pre-mined or other dodgy token distributions. Another major milestone for the community is coming up as Flux is set to launch an XDAO soon, thus setting the foundation for community-driven governance.

Flux is a wonderful combination of People, Innovation, Hardware, and Software all coming together to build something truly special. You might have been too late to have witnessed the rise of our current internet. But you are not late to witness the rise of the next truly decentralized internet.

The future is decentralized, the future is Flux! Join up July 1st and see for yourself.

Until then stay informed with the latest news on the official Flux website.

Also, drop by the Flux discord to meet the Flux team and community.