Coinbase-Rosetta API Nodes Added to the Flux Decentralized Ecosystem

Flux Official
2 min readMay 23, 2021

Flux looks to expand the decentralized internet ecosystem with logical and beneficial projects.

What is Rosetta API?

Rosetta is a simplified way for developers or industries to onboard into an ecosystem. It creates an environment that is easier to debug, integrate, and build off of. The data flow through all Rosetta-based blockchain nodes are standardized, so developers are comfortable and don’t feel lost when integrating and building on a new Rosetta blockchain environment. It helps achieve this standardized format of how transactions are signed/read/etc. through its two-part system Data API and Construction API. More information here:

Data API — Accesses and reads blockchain data and organizes in a standardized format (transactions, balances, etc)

Construction API — Creates transactions in an offline environment.

As you can guess, both of these environments are important functions to exchanges and how they operate. Through Data API they can determine and read incoming transactions to the exchange's wallets, access important data to determine if wallets should go offline, etc. Construction API can help exchanges batch tx’s and create more complex smart contracts to then be broadcasted to an outgoing node.

Why is having Flux running Rosetta API Nodes Important?

Simple — It helps create a decentralized endpoint to utilize; it’s in our project’s ethos to push for decentralization and infrastructure redundancy.

Being that this is a global deployed application on the Flux network — it is spawned on 10+ Flux nodes; if one instance is lost, another is spawned on a random node of the ~1300+ nodes as of this writing that makes up the Flux Network. This means Rosetta will be added to the Flux chain, as well as running on the decentralized network.

Below image is the current global deployment in action:

As Construction API is only utilized in an offline environment — Flux will primarily function as Data API endpoints, which exchanges/industry/developers can point towards as backup infrastructure to keep their operation running smoothly.

A large portion of the industry has already adopted Coinbase’s wide ecosystem — such as mining pools, merchants, dApps, entertainment platforms, etc. It’s time Flux joins this ecosystem and helps make it easier for the rest of the industry to integrate with us.

Learn more about Flux here, and about Coinbase-Rosetta here.