Flux Releases Version V.3 Decentralized Oracle Running on the Flux Network

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2 min readMay 20, 2021


Fetch V.3 includes direct integration with Coin Market Cap (CMC) Data, which will launch on over 1300+ decentralized incentivized nodes!

The Flux team is announcing another powerful application that will be launching on all Flux nodes. Dibi Fetch is truly a decentralized oracle running on the Flux ecosystem to provide aggregated pricing data from major exchanges, as well as now including CMC moving forward.

Why is this important?

Fetch creates an opportunity for users to have raw, uncontrolled, and unfiltered data in a decentralized and seamless solution. Based on Flux, this allows node ops to be the backbone of the infrastructure and provide a solution to third-party controlled pricing Oracles. The Flux team believes that information should flow freely, and without restrictions or manipulation.

What does this mean?

Flux, decentralized by nature will continue to develop applications that will support and grow the Defi and conventional spaces. This also allows developers on the Flux network to utilize Fetch to build their applications in a very decentralized manner.

Run Fetch, Earn Flux!

Put your nodes to work, and help spread the decentralized mission. More details on node rewards will be coming soon.

Dibi Fetch data, good dog! Check it out today running on Flux: https://markets.dibifetch.com/

Learn more about Flux, Fetch, ZelCore, and more here.



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