What is Flux Cloud, and why should you use it?

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5 min readMar 17, 2023

Cloud services have evolved over the years into an invaluable tool for driving the growth of many businesses. On the Web3 frontier, Flux reasserts its dominance by offering a whole new range of possibilities that will shape the future of the internet both now and in the years to come. Flux Cloud is a cloud service that gives the web back to the people.

What is Flux Cloud?

Flux Cloud is an extensive suite of decentralized services and customizable BAAS (Blockchain as a service) solutions. It provides developers and businesses with the tools, features, and environment to turn their ideas into efficient and scalable applications on the go! Think AWS without the blue tape and periodic outages.

Flux Cloud has grown into a one-stop ecosystem for everything Web3 and decentralized. However, suppose you’re stumbling upon Flux Cloud for the first time or need help understanding its immense potential. In that case, here’s why Flux Cloud is the ideal choice for developers and businesses in 2023 and beyond:

Click and Deploy

Flux was designed right from scratch to prioritize usability. Dazz, Flux’s Web3 evangelist, sums it up as “get a tech out of the way for end-users.” If Flux’s choice of web stack for its operating system (MEVN) was dev-friendly, deployment on Flux Cloud would be super-easy.

Devs can readily deploy and run any dockerized application without code-language restriction (Flux Cloud is completely code-agnostic).

Dockerized applications mean fewer software dependencies, faster migration, automatic updates, and regular maintenance on Flux Cloud. The suite also comes with Persistent Storage, enabling developers to share data between multiple docker images or instances. Therefore, for developers who want to run their applications on a scalable and decentralized infrastructure, Flux Cloud offers the perfect tool to translate ideas into viable Web3 products.

Host on the Go!

The marketplace has always been an integral part of Flux Cloud, and now, you can do so much more with it. On the Flux marketplace, developers and businesses can host their block books, RPC nodes, game servers, and more.

Flux computational network is powered by more than 15,000 nodes distributed globally, each equipped with a fail-safe mechanism. This translates into massive computational resources, especially since Flux infrastructure is enterprise-grade, even at the lowest tier.

Hosting nodes on the Flux marketplace removes the burden of new business having to set up their servers and allow them to concentrate on the real products and services they are offering. Flux Cloud also gives the projects the needed push regarding scalability and enhanced security features.

Easy Deployment and Monitoring

With Flux Cloud, developers can track the analytics of their applications right from an inbuilt dashboard and determine when and how to scale accordingly. This way, resources can be efficiently allocated, minimizing downtimes and prioritizing maximum performance. Flux Cloud is also fully equipped with the latest geolocation features, allowing devs to control and specify how many instances their application runs globally and where.

Decentralized Storage and More.

The question of storage has always been a big one. If there is anything that underlines the need for decentralized storage, it was the abrupt shutting down of Amazon Drive late last year.

Imagine waking up one morning to discover you were on the verge of losing all access to your files, and what can you do……well, absolutely nothing (except start moving). Flux Cloud offers a better alternative; Your data, your files, in the Cloud……forever.

Welcome to Flux Drive.

Flux Drive works like the conventional cloud storage system. You can upload files to the Cloud with a simple drag and drop from your computer or mobile device. In addition, you also get an IFPS link that allows you to share access to the file, which means developers can directly serve assets from Flux Drive decentralized storage in their website or applications using an embedded link (Web3 Cloudflare, anybody?).

WordPress On Flux

The Beta version of the first Web3 WordPress is also available on Flux’s decentralized infrastructure! Using Flux Cloud, developers and business owners can now experience peak performance, flexibility, and massive potential for scalability without being put in a financial deficit. WordPress on Flux is also a great way for new Web3 users to transition into the ecosystem. Here’s a more in-depth article on the features WordPress on Flux offers. Ready to host your WordPress site on Web3 today?

Fiat as Ramp

Flux Cloud offers the most cost-effective cloud pricing plans. Pricing plans are designed to match the exact needs of your applications with no hidden charges. Here’s how to calculate Flux Cloud pricing.

Need help finding your way around crypto payment for your business? Flux Cloud will be fully integrated with fiat payment options soon. Earlier this year, Flux partnered with Coinbase and Crypto.com to implement a fiat payment gateway allowing users to settle their fees directly in fiat. So, Flux Cloud is ideal for small and medium-scale owners who may be more comfortable paying in fiat.

Explore the Future with POUW

POUW (Proof of Useful Work) has always been Flux’s innovative approach to keeping the environment green and doing more with hash power. Thankfully, the benefits also extend to Flux Cloud. POUW provides a unique opportunity for different businesses, including facilities with under-utilized infrastructure (Servers, GPUs) and startups looking to break into the Machine learning and AI space.

Flux provides a computational powerhouse that helps gaming companies, research teams, and other startups to render games, train models, or solve computationally expensive algorithms within a shorter period.

For devs working on ML projects, Flux removes the need for stocking up on expensive GPUs by providing them access to a vast bank of computational resources. Server farms and facilities with under-utilized infrastructure can also earn Flux by contributing to the Flux computational network. A win-win for everybody.

For more information on Flux Cloud, join our Discord and check out our official website. We are also very active on Twitter. Visit our marketplace to easily host and run front-ends, nodes, block books, crypto projects, and games with just a few clicks. Visit the Flux Cloud website to host your WordPress site, upload your files to decentralized Flux Drive or launch a dApp.

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Flux is redefining the future of the decentralized internet by bridging the tech barrier and allowing end users to interact easier with the Web3 ecosystem. We are innovating to power the free web smarter, better, and at affordable prices.