Nvidia Jetson launched on Flux to bolster powerful Web3 applications.

Web 3.0 is here to stay, and Flux is positioned to be a market leader by seeking out and integrating with innovative technology. The Flux team and community are excited to announce that Nvidia Jetson is now deployed on Flux. This is the beginning of bringing enhanced AI and machine learning capabilities to the Flux ecosystem. All by leveraging cutting-edge Nvidia technology on the Flux decentralized computational network.

Flux is committed to building the best infrastructure for Web 3.0. We are also creating an ecosystem to support the development of the next generation in decentralized applications and immersive internet experiences. Flux is all about innovation and being on the bleeding edge of technology. This mindset pushes Flux to discover new and exciting ways to lay the foundations for Web 3.0.

The spirit of innovation just brought our community a new milestone in technology, and everyone is super excited about it.

If you’ve been following our official Twitter @runonflux, then you’ve seen that the single board computer Nvidia Jetson is now able to run a Flux node. The Jetson launch on the Flux networks marks a new era of AI, machine learning, and IoT possibilities in the Flux ecosystem.

A compact yet impressive computer, the Jetson was designed for entry-level edge AI computing. It features the Nvidia JetPack SDK which includes accelerated libraries for deep learning, computer vision, graphics, and multimedia. Flux has now demonstrated that Jetson will be used to run nodes just like Raspberry Pi, but it also holds enormous potential for machine learning applications and exciting new possibilities for proof of useful work.

Nvidia, a multinational technology company based in Delaware, produces some of the world’s best semiconductors, graphic cards, and computer hardware. The company has been a pioneer of graphical processing units and gaming-related hardware and is a crucial player in technology. Everyone involved with gaming or cryptocurrency mining has had some relationship with Nvidia and its groundbreaking technology.

Flux will be the first decentralized network to leverage Nvidia technology to create a Web 3.0 infrastructure that’s ready for the technology of tomorrow. It is the ambition of Flux to deliver the most powerful and technologically advanced decentralized network in existence. To succeed, Flux is integrating the best technology available. Flux’s adoption of Nvidia technology ushers in a range of innovations that will be crucial in achieving Flux’s vision of leading the ultra-transformative evolution of Web 3.0.

Daniel Keller, the Co-Founder of Flux stated “ Nvidia is leading the charge to allow the powerful Jetson systems to scale globally. This is a perfect fit for the Flux projects decentralized computing network and Web3. AI, deep learning, neural networks, and much more are now available on Flux, with a focus on Jetson's large-scale deployment. Are you excited about the decentralized future? We certainly are!”

Flux will need as much power as possible to run the decentralized applications of tomorrow. To give you an idea of what this will look like, Flux will be launching its 30 dApps in 30 Days program in December. One exciting development here will be the expansion of our initial Minecraft server offering and other fantastic game servers. We will soon have high-end Minecraft servers running on Flux! What will be the first workstream launched on Nvidia? I bet you will find out soon.

The focus of this streak of dApp launches is to bring lots of gaming and business applications into the Flux ecosystem and demonstrate the versatility and power of the Flux network.

The Flux team and community will make sure that this year ends with a bang!

Get involved, learn more.

Have a look at the Flux website, hosted on the Flux decentralized network. Learn about the Flux ecosystem and find out what Flux has for you.

See the Flux team AMAs on the Flux YouTube channel and the Ryan Matta interview with Flux co-founder Daniel Keller.

Also, join our discussion on Flux Discord to meet the Flux team and community, and discuss all things Flux. We’re always on the lookout for new community members and developers.



Blog source for all things Flux, officially; from the Flux Team | https://runonflux.io | https://twitter.com/runonflux

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