Bigger Web 3.0! Thirty new Dapps are coming to Flux

Flux Official
3 min readOct 20, 2021

Flux is building the decentralized Web 3.0 and it is growing at an amazing rate. We now have more than 2200+ nodes at the ready to serve up all the decentralized applications of the next-generation Internet. Brace yourself for December, Dapps are coming!

The Flux network is in better shape than ever with more than 2200 nodes forming the backbone of the decentralized Web 3.0.

Flux has already deployed many decentralized apps on the network and we’re also starting to see Dapp deployments directly from end-users as well.

Back in July, we had an event called ‘20-in-20’ that saw the launch of twenty new decentralized applications on the Flux network. It’s time to repeat that great event and bring lots of new and exciting Dapps to Flux.

However, since July practically everything related to Flux has gone up, the number of nodes online, mining hashrate, Flux price, number of active developers and team members, and almost every other conceivable metric of success. Everything is up, so ‘20-in-20’ just won’t cut it anymore.

So, starting December 1st, 2021, we’ll be kicking off the ‘30-in-30’ bringing you thirty new Dapps to the platform!

This year, on the first day of Christmas, Flux will give a Dapp to you. Flux will continue to do so all the way throughout December and January (time off for the holidays). When we are complete, we’ll have 30 new Dapps and catapult us into next year!

So join us in December for the best Christmas advent calendar in blockchain, as we see a new surprise Dapp every day. We’ll have small Dapps, large Dapps, Game Dapps, Partnership Dapps, and everything in between.

You’ll also be seeing more robust and complex Dapps joining the network as the network itself will also be upgraded this month. Support for Compose and container-linking is changing the game on what type of Dapps you’ll be seeing on the network.

If you feel left out and want your Dapp to launch as part of ‘30-in-30’, that’s still possible as well. Just reach out to the Flux team on the Flux discord and we’ll have a look at it together.

Merry Fluxmas to all!

End the year with a bang, get on the Flux train.

Come check out the official Flux website hosted on the Flux decentralized network. Learn about the Flux ecosystem and see what’s on offer.

If you want to witness what Flux has built so far, go visit the Flux network dashboard and see how many nodes we’ve got online, check out the massive resources available to the network, see what decentralized apps are running and what the current rewards are for Flux node operators.

And also, please do stop by the Flux discord to meet the Flux team and community and discuss all things Flux, we’re always on the lookout for new community members or developers.