New Parallel Asset: Polygon meets Flux.

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3 min readJun 15, 2023

Flux rounds off the first half of 2023 with an exciting revelation: Parallel asset number nine is now confirmed!

Building a scalable, secure, and fully decentralized Web3 future requires cross-platform collaboration and, most importantly, interoperability. Since its inception, Flux has remained heavily committed to this ideal, which gave rise to the concept of Parallel Assets.

Parallel assets within the Flux ecosystem act as bridges connecting Flux with other chains and enabling users to access the best blockchain protocols and networks while staying connected to the native Flux chain. If you are still getting familiar with the concept of parallel assets, here is a deep dive into the subject.

The Flux blueprint encompasses ten parallel assets. Eight of these ten are already in circulation, connecting users to blockchains like Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Kadena, and Algo. Flux takes a step further this June by releasing a new parallel asset, Flux-Matic (snapshot taken October 31, 2022).

About Polygon

Polygon Labs develops Ethereum scaling solutions for Polygon protocols. Polygon Labs engages with other ecosystem developers to help make scalable, affordable, secure, and sustainable blockchain infrastructure available for Web3. Polygon Labs has initially developed a growing suite of protocols for developers to easily access effective scaling solutions, including layer 2s (zero-knowledge rollups), sidechains, app-specific chains, and data availability protocols.

Scaling solutions that Polygon Labs initially developed have seen widespread adoption with tens of thousands of decentralized apps, unique addresses exceeding 261 million, over 1.4 million smart contracts created, and 2.7 billion total transactions processed since inception. The existing Polygon network is home to some of the most significant Web3 projects, such as Aave, Uniswap, QiDao, and OpenSea, and well-known enterprises, including Robinhood, Stripe, and Adobe. Polygon Labs is carbon neutral to lead Web3 in becoming carbon negative.

A Game-Changer for DeFi

The low transaction costs of Polygon make it a game-changer for decentralized finance. Numerous popular DeFi apps are supported on Polygon alongside native DeFi Dapps. It also provides a smooth user experience, making it a prime choice for usability.

Flux will interact with the Polygon chain via Flux-Matic, facilitating synergy, interaction, and interoperability between both ecosystems. Users on the Polygon network can easily participate in the Web3-focused Flux economy, stake tokens, host Flux nodes, and earn mining rewards simply by swapping the parallel asset for Flux native token.

Flux-Matic will also enable users within the Flux ecosystem to experience the power of a blockchain platform that provides hybrid proof of stake and plasma-enabled sidechains, combining the strengths of both ecosystems while avoiding their weaknesses.

Flux and Polygon share many commonalities. Hence, this Parallel asset will go a long way to increase the adoption of blockchain technology for different use cases and enhance the accessibility of these services to a global population. Like the other eight parallel assets, Flux-Matic will be available on Zelcore, a non-custodial, multi-asset, and trading wallet. Click here to download Zelcore. The distribution of the Parallel Asset will begin on the 19th of June, 2023.

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