Flux Titan Nodes Guide — Useful Staking.

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6 min readOct 3, 2022


The Titan nodes beta went live for the public on the 20th of July, and they bolster the Flux network with Enterprise grade computational nodes! Titan introduces ‘Proof of Useful Stake,’ a solution to some of the inherent flaws of proof of stake, where anyone can participate and support the Flux network by staking from as little as 50 Flux in a Titan node!

Welcome to the Official Flux Titan Staking Guide! Stake your Flux to support our decentralized infrastructure and earn Flux as a reward.


To stake FLUX in the Titan node, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. The minimum collateral of 50 FLUX (main chain)
  2. Zelcore wallet (download from here)

It is allowed to stake a maximum of 40,000 Flux in total, 10,000 Flux per single stake.

Let’s Begin!

1. log in to Zelcore wallet

Existing users can log in to their Zelcore wallet.

If you are a brand new user or haven’t ever used the wallet, then “Register a new account.” It will also give you an option of “Create recovery password mechanism,” which is great for recovering lost passwords in case you forget your login credentials.

It is not required, although it’s a good practice to enable Decentralized Two-factor authentication (d2FA) as an extra step added to the log-in process. d2FA offers an extra level of security that cyber thieves can’t easily access.

Click on the Apps > ZelId > d2FA to enable the decentralized two-factor authentication

2. Go to FluxOS Dashboard

In your internet browser, go to https://home.runonflux.io

3. Login using ZeliID

Do you see the white circle with a fingerprint on the Flux dashboard? Click on it. It will ask you if it can open your Zelcore wallet. You’re going to be prompted by Zelcore to allow this login.
* Make sure to use chrome/Brave or Edge; other browsers might not work…

Next, a pop-up will appear within your Zelcore wallet, asking you to input your Zel ID PIN (2dFA added earlier in the guide). Enter your PIN and click “Sign and Send.”

4. Go to Marketplace

On the left menu, click on Marketplace and then click on marketplace again directly underneath it. Now click on Shared Nodes in the middle of the page. Welcome to the Titan section!

5. Stake your Flux

You can view how many Titan nodes are active, staking statistics, lockup periods, and APR. To get your Flux staked, click on the green “Stake Flux.”

Now you need to decide how much Flux you want to stake, the minimum is 50 Flux, and you can go as high as 10,000 Flux per one stake. Remember, only 40,000 Flux per Zel ID. Enter the amount of Flux you wish to stake and click next.

5. Select lockup period

This page allows you to choose the lockup duration of your stake in a Titan node. Longer lock-ups will earn you a higher yield. Be aware you can’t get the collateral back before the end of the lockup period. There is also an option to auto-reinvest your stake after expiry. Choose and click next.

Now you will need to sign the stake with your ZelID. Click the white button with fingerprint and enter your d2Fa PIN in Zelcore. Go ahead and click next.

6. Register your stake

This page will tell you all the details of your stake. Please read it properly; once you register your stake, your FLUX can’t be returned until the end of the locked-up period.

Click the “Register Stake” button and click “Next.”

7. Send Funds to Titan node

To finish it, you must send your FLUX to a multi-sig wallet to be staked. This wallet is completely safe and cannot be accessed.

You can either manually create the transaction, making sure to send it to the correct wallet address and containing the message in the transaction memo, or you can click the fingerprint button to automatically be taken to Zelcore with a pre-configured transaction ready for you to sign and send.

If you click the footprint button, a pop-up will appear within your Zelcore wallet with a Payment request. Click “Proceed to pay.”

Now enter your d2fA PIN and click “Verify.”

This will open a transaction in your Zelcore with all the info pre-configured. Check you have enough Flux in your account and click “Send.”

Now go back to the FluxOS Dashboard and click “Finish.”

It will ask you: “Please ensure that you have sent payment for your stake or saved the payment details for later. Close the Titan Staking dialog?” Select “Yes.”

8. Wait for confirmation

Once you have finished the staking process, you see your stake in the “Active Stakes.”

Before your Titan staking can start, your transaction needs to be confirmed. It requires 30 confirmations (approximately 60 min). When your Flux is confirmed, your staking is live, and you have started earning rewards.

Congratulations, you are now part of the Flux Web3 network and Useful Staking!

9. Redeem your rewards

You don’t have to wait the whole lock-up period to get your rewards; you can redeem them any time you have them available for redeeming.

When you click “Redeem,” you can reinvest your Flux rewards from staking, or you can send them to your Zelcore wallet.

10. Re-invest your reward

When your reward amount passes 50 Flux, you have the option to reinvest that into a new stake straight away! You don’t have to wait till the end of your other stakes to put these rewards to work!

Frequent questions:

1. If I stake in a Titan node, will I be eligible to get PA snapshot rewards?

Yes, you will get rewards from the snapshot. You won’t receive them via Titan; they will just appear in your wallet you funded from as if they have never been staked into Titan.

2. Will I get parallel assets mining rewards such as node operators?

No, you only get native flux rewards, as per the estimated APR % shown in the dashboard.

Thank you for supporting our decentralized Web3 cloud!
Learn more about Flux here: www.runonflux.io