FluxOS Upgrade: Do more with Flux!

FluxOS V3.28.0 is here. This new release marks the beginning of a new era where you can do even more with the Flux ecosystem!

A Refresher Course

“When the internet was created, the common question was, ‘What can it be used for?’ When FluxOS was created, the question was, ‘What can’t it be used for?(Daniel Keller, co-founder of Flux)

Flux operating system (FluxOS) is the ‘brain’ behind the Flux ecosystem. It is a revolutionary second-layer application that ensures all Flux network moving parts are connected and running. FluxOS runs the node network (FluxNodes), manages computational resources, allows developers to deploy containerized applications on Flux regardless of the origin blockchain (thanks to interoperability), and much more.

FluxOS uses the popular MEVN stack, which makes it a familiar playground for developers who want to get their applications running quickly and without having to learn a new language.

Welcome to Version 3.28.0

FluxOS v3.28.0 brings a dynamic upgrade to Flux cloud services, the most important of which is the synchronization of application data among instances. With this upgrade, if an application deployer chooses to do so, the container data of the application will be synced, reflecting changes in other cases.

Before this release, FluxOS launched a typical deployed application on a minimum of three instances. However, these instances function as independent entities and are not synchronized.

So, a change in one instance isn’t directly propagated in some other cases. This critical limitation affected the kind of applications that could run on Flux. Version 3.28.0 fixes this and enables all instances to update their data automatically.

This means you can now enjoy a seamless experience hosting complicated applications (that require saving states) like games, forums, and other complex applications on Flux cloud infrastructure.

Why is this important?

The gaming industry, for example, has a size of more than three billion gamers around the globe and a staggering value of around $300 billion. Another interesting statistic also shows 63% of all developers work on games. However, due to the complex requirements which might be needed, the cost of running game servers may put a financial strain, especially on independent game developers and teams.

FluxOS v3.28.0 changes all of that.

Now, small businesses and even large enterprises can host their applications on Flux’s decentralized cloud infrastructure and enjoy the optimal performance for a fraction of what it should cost.

And we’ve got gamers covered too.

Setting up a dedicated game server gives you access to more performance, memory capacity, and processing power, alongside control over every aspect of your gameplay and people who can join.

With the new release, gamers can host their servers on Flux and get access to almost 300 Terabytes of RAM and over 6500 terabytes of SSD storage. Faster gameplay and a more robust streaming experience…..all on Flux.

And there’s still more.

FluxOS v3.28.0 comes enabled with the recently launched Geolocation 2.0 feature that allows application deployers to choose specific regions from which they want their content to be served. In addition, the upgrade will allow developers to adjust instances with the ALL geolocation feature. The “whitelist/blacklist” feature is now also applicable to entire organizations.

What’s more? The upgrade also drastically reduces the bandwidth used for running nodes by up to 70%.

With this release, Flux is perfectly positioned to transform the world through a decentralized cloud infrastructure that is interoperable, horizontally redundant, and economically viable.

Note that the new release requires (and will automatically install) syncing, a continuous file synchronization program to sync container data across instances. Check out FluxOS GitHub for more technical details.

To get more information about how to run your application on Flux, join our Discord and check out our official website.

Flux is also on Twitter. Click here to learn more about FluxNodes. To stake on Titan nodes, check out this article.

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Flux is redefining the future of the decentralized internet by bridging the tech barrier and allowing end users to interact more easily with the Web3 ecosystem. We are innovating to power the free web smarter, better, and at affordable prices.



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