Flux-o-Ween: New Parallel Asset Alert

Flux Official
2 min readOct 27, 2022


As we enter Halloween, Flux celebrates by releasing a new pair of parallel assets. Here’s how you can participate and take advantage of this ‘Flux-o-Ween.’

Parallel assets are Flux interchain bridges that create interoperability between Flux and other blockchain networks. They also open up the Flux ecosystem to interact with other chains, thus allowing Flux holders to enjoy advantages and opportunities on different blockchains.

This is important because Flux’s beliefs are rooted not in an isolated network in the middle of the Crypto-universe but in an interoperable network of decentralized chains redefining the structure of the free web.

Seven of the ten parallel assets Flux plans to create have already been released into circulation (KDA, ETH, BSC, SOL, TRX, AVAX, and ERG). Now, it’s time for another pair of parallel assets.

How to Participate:

The snapshot for this incoming pair of parallel assets will be taken on the 31st of October (Halloween). Unlike any other Flux snapshots, Flux holders across Zelcore and CoinMetro can participate alongside holders with Flux locked up in Flux Nodes or Titan Nodes.

You need to have your Flux ready in any of the designated platforms to get roughly 8.8% (~4.4% for each asset) of the Flux you’re holding back in the new parallel assets.

The more Flux you hold, the more parallel assets you can earn! Happy Flux-o-Ween!!!

To get more information about the incoming parallel assets or the Flux ecosystem, join our Discord and check out our official website.

Flux is also on Twitter Click here to learn more about FluxNodes. To stake on Titan nodes, check out this article.

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