Flux in Review: November Report

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5 min readDec 6, 2023

The month of November for the Flux ecosystem was a particularly intense one! We launched new products, pioneered innovations, and kept the momentum high. In this article, let’s review the high points of November and their significance for the Web3 industry.

Get Decentralized Storage with FluxDrive Pro

In Flux's characteristic style, November saw the long-awaited addition of FluxDrive Pro to our range of products and services. FluxDrive Pro is a decentralized, developer-focused storage solution that harnesses the power of API-based IFPS to deliver highly scalable and resilient storage compatible with different application needs at competitive pricing.

Its API-based IPFS features make it easy for developers to seamlessly integrate various user-friendly features that allow for the bulk uploading and storing large amounts of data on Flux Cloud.

This ensures data integrity, free from the threat of censorship and de-platforming. The solution also simplifies app deployment on the Flux network, further promoting the ecosystem’s growth.

FluxDrive Pro provides an excellent solution for NFT projects requiring immutable data storage and unleashes the true power of non-fungible tokens for digital authentication and decentralized ownership. It is also ideal for content distribution platforms with a critical need for highly available and scalable storage.

FluxDrive Pro was launched in collaboration with Hypercent, an NFT solution for onboarding new Web3 projects onto the Kadena chain.

Flux Finds a Base

November also witnessed Flux-Base launch, a parallel asset linking Flux to the Base blockchain to promote cross-platform development opportunities. This new asset will bring the total number of parallel assets in the Flux ecosystem to Eleven (once Flux-BTC and Flux-Base are released).

Base, an optimistic roll-up solution developed by Coinbase, inherits Ethereum resilience and security features. It also offers enhanced support for decentralized applications and fast resolution of high-volume transactions at low fees. This makes it an ideal chain for launching highly scalable applications, including social media platforms and DeFi protocols.

Base was created by Coinbase, the second-largest exchange in the world. Therefore, the new Parallel asset will empower Flux to tap into the Coinbase ecosystem, drive new channels for liquidity, access new trading/exchange opportunities, and provide a low entry barrier for onboarding new users into the decentralized world.

It will also enable developers to build applications that leverage both chains’ combined efficiency, performance, and high availability and deploy decentralized applications capable of seamlessly integrating with Coinbase products, tools, and other offerings.

FluxCore Beta is Coming

The explosion of artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies has undoubtedly unleashed new possibilities in the Tech industry. Sadly, meeting the infrastructural and computing demands needed to power these technologies is a significant struggle for many players.

Flux’s Proof of Useful Work approach to computing resources effectively solves this problem. With the upcoming release of FluxCore (Beta), scheduled for December 15th, Flux seeks to address the disproportionate balance between the massive GPU market and the scarcity of computing resources for AI.

Our new PoUW application will enable clients who require compute power for ML model training, video-rendering, cloud gaming, and even business AI infrastructure to access vast decentralized computing resources. It will also enable miners to utilize the power of their GPU cards — not just for mining Crypto but also to rent it out for computing needs.

Moreover, FluxCore offers extensive features to allow users to manage, optimize, and benchmark their machines for specific use cases, plus a web-based leaderboard that tracks the performance of devices on the network. Here is a detailed article for more information about FluxCore.

Flux Gets New Chief AI Officer

In a strategic move to advance the development and deployment of new AI services, Flux has appointed a new Chief AI officer. Dazz Williams is a seasoned AI expert and visionary entrepreneur with extensive participation in the business sector.

He brings his massive wealth of experience to Web3, having personally founded an AI startup in 2019, long before the AI hype became mainstream. With his exceptional visionary and pioneering qualities, Flux is perfectly positioned to maximize the diverse opportunities artificial intelligence offers in today’s world.

Deploy Free Firo Masternodes on Flux Cloud

On November 13th, Flux, in partnership with Firo, launched a promotional campaign benefitting all Firo Masternode operators and enthusiasts. From November 13th to December 13th, Flux will fully reimburse every Firo deployment made within this period and make the deployment free for three months.

Also, as an additional bonus, three lucky Firo Masternode deployments will have the chance to win 500 Flux each! The more Firo Masternodes you deploy, the more your chances of winning!

Check out this article to learn more about this promotional campaign and participate.

New Listings and Integrations

Flux-BSC is now listed and available for trading on Giottus, a top Indian Crypto platform. KuCoin has also added $Flux to its earning program; interested users can stake $Flux on the platform to earn an expected APR of 4%.

Also, in November, Flux achieved full integration with Adamant, an Ethereum-based decentralized messenger that offers end-end privacy plus an in-chat exchanger for sending and receiving tokens.

Flux In Conferences

Flux was ably represented at Synopsis — an international summit and crypto industry gathering that explores topics across Blockchain, Web3, GameFi and other related sectors.

At the conference, Farid Akintola, Flux marketing director, delivered a brilliant presentation on “Unlocking the potential of Web3 with Flux: A revolution of the Internet”. Have you missed it? Here’s a link to the session.

The Flux team actively participated in Denver for the “International Conference for High-performance Computing, Network, Storage and Analysis” (SC23) and also in the “Radiological Society of North America” conference (RSNA 2023), which took place in Chicago.

These conferences, attracting thousands of brilliant minds across the globe, provided ample opportunities to showcase Flux’s Web3 and PoUW technologies and interact with other industry leaders across different tech sectors. This AMA session shares some valuable insights from the conference.

And there you have it for November!

The past month unveiled several Flux projects that will have long-term impact on Web3 and the entire blockchain industry at large.

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And there’s more to come!

For more information on the new parallel asset or Flux Ecosystem, please join our Discord and check our official website. Visit our marketplace to easily host and run front-ends, nodes, block books, crypto projects, and games with just a few clicks. Flux is very active on Twitter.

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