Flux in Review: July Recap

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4 min readAug 8, 2023


July has always stood out in the grand scheme every year in Flux history. This year was no different; from exciting upgrades to groundbreaking unveilings and a splash of Miami flair, let’s dive into Flux’s July review.

Folding@home, One Month Later…

A month ago, the Flux team took the ecosystem PoUW efforts to a new level when it deployed 5000 instances of the Folding@home app on Flux Cloud. Since then, Flux has increased global rankings (from 2300th to 1500th), but we still need to rest on our oars. To support Folding@home’s fight against diseases, we will introduce the Host’n’Win a FluxNode competition soon. To participate, you will need to deploy as many Folding@home applications as possible on the Flux Network, and you will be eligible to win fantastic prizes!

FluxLabs and Beyond

On July 14th, FluxLabs, our incubation and acceleration program, had a round table with a selection of partner projects. The round table delved into the various technologies each project utilizes and innovations currently in the pipeline. Among the projects represented at the round-table were Timpi, Swarms: finance and Themok.io, and more. In case you missed this insightful session, check it out here. A sequel edition featuring a fresh batch of partner projects was conducted last Friday.

Crypto-Elites Club emerged as July’s latest addition to the FluxLabs program. CEC aims to support artistic efforts using blockchain technology. Check out their official website to learn more about the project.

In a fascinating turn of events, Dish Wireless Devs endorsed Flux as their preferred management cluster during the July iFi Hackathon. This news highlights decentralized infrastructure’s role in cloud computing, Web3, and even 5G telecommunication.

Streamr Hub Live-Metrics

Streamr has seamlessly integrated real-time Flux data into their application. These include total deployments, unique applications, performance metrics, the number of application instances e.t.c

This integration allows users to access live data about the network’s performance and health. It equips developers and users with real-time data insights, enabling informed decision-making. For example, Titan and Streamr users can now leverage the available analytics to understand the distribution of their nodes on Flux Cloud.

The collaboration between Flux and Streamr seeks to revolutionize the world of open data and chart a new course for data accessibility across the blockchain industry.

Flux at Mining Disrupt

Aha, one of the most genuinely sensational July moments! The Flux team was fully involved in the world’s largest bitcoin mining expo in Miami, which featured keynote speakers like Adrian Hale (Foundry), Mohammed Abdurazak (ASIC Jungle), Micheal Savuskan (Alpha Miner), and, of course, Flux’s Co-founder; Daniel Keller.

In a riveting presentation, Daniel introduced the dynamics of PoUW (Proof of Useful Work) and its multifaceted applications, including Artificial intelligence, Medical research, Cloud computing, VR/AR development, and more. Daniel also reiterated the massive strides Flux has made in PoUW and then unveiled “FluxCore,” the client application for Flux’s PoUW. Just in case you missed it, catch up here!

Scheduled FluxOS Releases

In July, we adopted a new approach to FluxOS upgrades; scheduled releases. Major upgrades to the Flux operating system are now released every Tuesday. This innovative system will allow node operators to keep track of changes consistently and know when to update their software. Additionally, this approach will keep the whole network in sync and allow bugs to be fixed as soon as they are identified.

There were five significant upgrades to the Flux operating software in July. FluxOS v4.2.0 introduced reworked Flux connections to other nodes, allowing the network to achieve higher throughput using fewer connections.

Version 4.3.0 underlines Flux’s Ethereum support. Users can now directly use MetaMask or WalletConnect to own, register or update applications ownership. V4.4.0 fixes inconsistencies on address transaction API calls and a few other bugs. On the other hand, v4.5.0 improved the application logging mechanism and the messages app specification.

New Listings

We had a new listing in July; Flux/INR is now listed on Giottus, one of the leading exchanges in India. Flux was also integrated into Uquid, the world’s largest Web3 marketplace. Now, you can pay for your online shopping using $FLUX (erc20 and bep20). To learn more about Uquid, click here.

And that’s it for the Flux July in Review. Big shout out to the whole community for a great month! Let’s do more!!!

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