Flux in Review: April Recap

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5 min readMay 2, 2023


In typical Flux fashion, April unveiled new features, collaborations, and upgrades across its ecosystem, But this time, we took things up a notch. In this article, let us go over the Flux moments of April and the exciting developments that took place in the world of Web3.

Flux Meets GameDevJS Jam:

Flux was an official Gold partner for GameDev Js jam, a coding event held from April 13th to April 26th. The event had thousands of dollars up for grabs in cash, crypto, scholarships, and licenses.

GameDev JS jam is a yearly event that enables developers of all levels to explore the vast potential of the web by building selected HTML5 applications. Flux was proud to support this year’s jam and had our very own Daniel Keller, Co-founder of Flux and TIm Sulmone, Business Development, on the panel of experts, providing valuable contributions on the quality of submitted entries.

The event had over 202 entries across various categories, and winners will be declared once the voting period ends.

XDAO 2.0: BlackPaper

Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO) offer a transparent, inclusive, and democratic alternative to the decision-making process. Unlike the centralized model of traditional business organizations, DAO is the Web3 answer to the inherent problem of bureaucracy, which can slow down company growth.

With Flux’s XDAO, this is no different. Since its launch in June 2021, XDAO has powered many decisions in the Flux ecosystem and captured the essential framework behind Flux governance; people.

In 2022, Flux started working on XDAO 2.0, an upgraded model designed to mitigate the limitations of the initial version and better accommodate the new dynamics and needs of a rapidly growing ecosystem. The working model of this new upgrade, alongside the proposed changes to the original structure, is now available on the XDAO 2.0 black paper.

FluxOS Upgrades:

The Flux operating system (FluxOS) received two significant upgrades in April. Version 3.38.9 focused on specifications for Flux storage, which will usher in the live beta of Presearch and persistent node assignment. Version 3.39.0, on the other hand, adds new improvements to the marketplace and other general bug fixes. It also updates the synchronized Fluxbench on UPNP nodes. While the first upgrade has already been implemented, the second version will be fully implemented on May 7th.

New Flux Token Listings:

in April, Flux made it to new exchanges. Flux (Bep 20) was listed on Probit, a global coin-to-coin cryptocurrency exchange, and CoinRabbit, a cryptocurrency lending platform that allows users to access crypto-backed loans and earn interest on deposits.

$Flux was integrated as a payment method on Cryptocurrency Checkout. Cryptocurrency checkout is a decentralized payment that allows business owners to receive crypto payments directly on their website or application. Businesses using Cryptocurrency Checkout services can now accept Flux in exchange for products or services offered on their platforms.

Flux also penetrated further into the Indian market in April with the listing of the token on CoinDCX, ‘Indian most valued crypto investment app’. Other notable exchanges that listed Flux in April include; BitForex and CoinStore. FluxPoUW (formerly Zelhash) mining is also now available on LuckyMiners with additional support for Parallel mining.

Titan Node on Nimbus!

Titan nodes offer participants in the Flux ecosystem the opportunity to support the network by staking their Flux and earning rewards in return. It also introduces the concept of “Proof of Useful Stake”, which resolves some of the drawbacks that come with the use of the more popular “Proof of Stake” consensus. Since its beta launch last year, Titan nodes were only available on the Stratus tier of Flux nodes; now, they can also be accessed on the Nimbus tier. Here’s a helpful article on staking with Titan nodes.

New Partnerships and products.

FluxLabs announced a new partnership with JuseyMiners, a community-driven hardware distributor that offers plug-and-play computing solutions. In a similar development, Seeed Studio, another FluxLabs partner, released a new SenseCAP M4 Square. This device can power a Cumulus tier Flux Node and a Helium Light hotspot deployment.

Seeed also launched a SenseCap M4 kit designed explicitly for node operators with the old SenseCAP M4 Square Flux node but wants to extend its functionality to become a Helium-light hotspot. SenseCAP M4 Square supports deploying multiple applications and one-stop cloud services that help users manage the use of their devices.

POW Round Table With Flux

Flux hosted a round table with other Proof of Work projects, the first ever. The round table had projects like Kadena, Alephium, Kaspa, Ergo, Nexa, Raptoreum, Radiant, Neoxa, and Meowcoin participating. The round table also discussed matters surrounding the value of POW, Crypto regulations, educational initiatives, and energy concerns.

The decentralized future can only be achieved through collaborative efforts across different projects, and Flux is laying the groundwork that will reposition the role of POW in shaping this future.

New Nodes On MarketPlace:

In April, new additions to the Flux marketplace were added, including Timpi collector nodes, Astar RPC nodes, and Algorand RPC nodes. These nodes are fully available on Flux Cloud and can be deployed on Web3 easily with just a single click, without needing to write any code!

Decentralized WordPress on Flux is going on strong! Over 230 websites have already been deployed on the beta release. Are you ready to rev up your WordPress website performance? Get Started.

Flux’s first-ever conference–CypherPunk 2023, is on its way! Click here to Grab an early bird ticket!

For more information on Flux, please join our Discord and check our official website. Visit our marketplace to easily host and run front-ends, nodes, block books, crypto projects, and games with just a few clicks.

Flux is very active on Twitter. To stake FLUX via Titan nodes, check out this article.

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