ZelNodes + Flux + Kadena — Coin Distribution

We are getting ready to distribute KDA coin to ZelNode Operators that are running the Kadena Full Node zelApp

KDA partnership ANN is posted HERE


Zel and Kadena are co-developing zelApps that run on Flux to deploy Kadena blockchain assets on ZelNodes. The ZelNode Operators that run the first zelApp, the Kadena Full Node, will receive a piece of 25,000 KDA per month. Currently, both Super and BAMF ZelNodes are able to run the Kadena zelApp and participate in the KDA distribution.


October — November 2020: The Zel Team is working on the Kadena Full Node and the Data daemons to run on Flux. We are diligently testing and bug-hunting.

December 2020: All Super and BAMF node operators running the Kadena Full Node zelApp and meets the minimum requirements will receive a linear proportion of the total 25,000 KDA coin allotment per month.

How to Prepare

  • Make sure you are always up-to-date with Flux Releases.
  • A Zel ID (registered on your node(s)) and a Kadena address (in ZelCore) is needed for automated payouts.
  • You can deploy and play with the Kadena Full Node zelApp now on your Flux front-end/website GUI
  • You can view your ZelNode running the Kadena zelApp here:

Payout Rules

  • All nodes must be synced, and online with a 95% uptime
  • Payments will be sent weekly, via Flux
  • Node Ops will be required to add their KDA account and chainID set in ZelAdmin menu of Flux for distribution
  • Supers and BAMFs will be rewarded with a 1:4 allocation respectively (same as Zel)
  • 25,000 KDA will be divided and distributed, per month to Flux-KDA node owners

For example, if there are 100 Supers meeting requirements for a month of payout cycles, each Super operator will receive [ (1/5 * 25,000) / 100 ] KDA rewards

Payments will ONLY be paid to compliant nodes

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