ZelCore + ZCoin Masternodes!!!

Zelcore and Zcoin have partnered to bring an easy way to create, view, and manage your XZC nodes all in one place.

With Zelcore’s ($ZEL) vision to bring ease of use to the broader market, we are excited to announce our partnership with Zcoin to bring $XZC nodes to Zelcore!

Zelcore now fully supports XZC full nodes, allowing users to create new nodes in an extremely easy manner. With this brings an easy node setup guide without having to deal with any command-line programming. The XZC full node also offers daemon encryption and Zelcore’s second layer of encryption that encrypts the wallet.dat so it can only be used by your Zelcore user.

Zelcore+ is also excited to announce its newest in-platform app, Znodes, which allows Zelcore+ users to actively view and manage their XZC node without running a full node!

You can continue using XZC official QT wallet and add your Znodes to our monitoring app. If you choose to use the Zelcore full node, your Znodes will be automatically added to the monitoring system. With this app also brings live Znode alerts for desktop and mobile! If your Znode goes down, you will be alerted.

Thank you Reuben and Zcoin for allowing us to further build out your ecosystem into our platform.



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