ZelCore Adds Kadena Assets — Store KDA Across Multiple Chains

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2 min readMay 5, 2020


$KDA holders can now manage their assets inside the ZelCore multi-asset platform for Desktop, iOS and Android

ZelCore + Kadena

The Zel Team is excited to announce that Kadena ($KDA) is integrated into the ZelCore multi-asset wallet. KDA assets can now be stored and transacted across the multi-chain Kadena network. Check balances and move assets from your PC and on the go with ZelCore for iOS and Android.

Zelcore supports the familiar practice of same-chain transfers as well as a novel cross-chain transfer feature which is unique to Kadena. Backend services can also be customized for advanced users.

What is Kadena?

Kadena is creating the next generation of fast, secure, and simple blockchain products. Their ecosystem consists of:

  • Kadena — World’s first scalable layer-1 Proof of Work public blockchain that “solves the scaling challenges of Bitcoin and the security issues of Ethereum.”
  • Kuro — Permissioned blockchain in use by major companies
  • Pact — A human-readable smart contract language providing safer conditional transactions with formal verification & built-in governance
  • Chainweaver — Next-gen crypto wallet and smart contract IDE (getting implemented with the Cosmos ecosystem in addition to Kadena’s own platform)

The Kadena network will unite public applications, private blockchains, and other interoperable chains in one place, driving traffic to the high-bandwidth computer at the heart of the Kadena public chain. Powered by Proof of Work, our interconnected chains deliver unmatched speed and security, smoothly integrating with business systems.

Pact is the first truly human readable smart contract language. It lets anyone write clearly, directly and safely onto a blockchain — a true advance for secure, automated contracts. Pact supports entirely new business models and on-chain services.

What is ZelCore?

ZelCore is a multi-asset wallet available for Desktop and Mobile (iOS & Android) platforms. The wallet allows users to manage custody of over 150 different crypto assets and the asset layers of projects like Ravencoin, NEO, and Ontology. ZelCore leverages the unique private key generation scheme of a username & password system, along with decentralized 2FA as an additional layer of security. No private account information is stored or transmitted by ZelCore, allowing users 100% control over their digital assets. ZelCore is completely free-to-use by anyone.

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