Zel -> Flux, Network Upgrade & Streamlined DeFi Access

Flux Official
Mar 15, 2021

For Holders of Zel

HODL. And keep your wallets up-to-date.

Coin already locked in Nodes will automatically be credited during the snapshot (no need to move coin around)

For Exchanges, Pools, Market Data Sites

There will be a new daemon released that is a required update for exchanges. The release will be prior to the March 27th release date.

The ticker will change from $ZEL to $FLUX

If not done already, please set deposit confirmations at 60 or higher blocks as volatility shakes out.

Learn more about the upcoming rebrand and all about Parallel Assets:

You can also learn more about the new Flux Economic Model:

The all-new Marketing and PR plan:

For Press Kits & Graphics Assets

New graphics assets and primary/secondary color schemes are available on our website: https://zel.network/presskit