Zel Community Incentives Program Announced. Create unique content and earn $Zel!

The Zel Team is excited to announce that we are officially launching our Community Incentives Program. It’s time to “mine with your mind” and earn $Zel for community contributions of new and unique content.

Monthly Spot Incentives Categories

  1. Content Creator of the Month: Blog post, Reddit post, a fun video, quality memes, on any Zel related content! This can include mining, nodes, Flux, and ZelCore. Once a month, a user will be selected and added to the “Wall of Fame”.

Basic Zel Reward Overview

Zel’s reward is based on the criteria listed below. Zel community team members reserve the right to revise rewards when they deem appropriate. All rewards will be handled as follows:

  1. The post will be made available in the #incentive-program channel on Discord with User Name, Wallet address, and copy of the post, with retweets, shares, or other engagements.

Community Incentives Program Criteria

In addition, we understand that the nature of the CIP is subjective, and we will do our best to judge somewhat based on the below.

  1. Quality and Quantity: The Zel team appreciates quality over quantity. If you have questions about Zel Network, ask before posting, and please keep it in good taste. We do NOT attack other projects, ever.
  • *All rewards will be provided via a transparent address. Each recipient is responsible for their own tax reporting in their own country or place of residence as per applicable law. Zel, the Zel team, are to be held blameless in any dispute or tax reporting situation. Know your responsibility and report your income!

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