While you were sleeping, Flux broke Internet 3.0!

Flux beats network numbers of 50 Billion Dollar Coinbase backed project.

Unless you are under a rock, you would have noticed something very strange this week on Coin Market Cap (https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/internet-computer). Coinbase and Andreessen Horowitz backed Internet Computing Protocol $ICP launched into the top 5 this week with their listing on Coinbase. You might be asking yourself “what the hell is this”? Well, you would not be alone, but the bigger noise came when Flux took to the Twittersphere to share the real numbers about the network status and the fact that they are unrivaled in the decentralized compute space.

Flux has been building a truly decentralized network based on miners, node operators, and much more for over four years and working with a list of “who’s, who” in the blockchain space for partner projects running on the Flux network. These nodes are 100% community-driven and developed to defeat centralization.

Daniel Keller, CSO of ZelCore Technologies and Co-Founder of Flux stated, “I love the Flux vs. Dfinity match-up it’s Truly a David vs. Goliath shootout as Flux has called out the hypocrisy of large VC firms that attempt to highjack Internet 3.0”. When pressed further about what Flux intends to do, Daniel shared “We are going to do what we have always done, build and win. You better come with your A-game; we are ready for this and have been waiting”.

In the end, this battle creates a new world of computing power that we will all benefit from. Not only did Flux call out Dfinity, but they also offered to donate $10,000 to Code-Like-A-Girl charity (https://www.codelikeagirl.com) if Dfinity could match their three-project release next week on their decentralized network. Dfinity did not respond to Flux’s challenge. So, grab your popcorn, this one is just getting started.

In a move to show solidarity or maybe even sympathy, ZelCore; also announced it would launch an ICP wallet, as the project did not even have an adequate wallet for holders to use.

Current Project Overviews:

Dfinity — $ICP
Nodes — 76
Vcores — 4,560
Ram 149TB
Cap — $50BB
Supply — 470MM
PRICE — $300
100% Centralized

Flux — $Flux
Nodes — 1,300+
Vcores 5,774
Ram 162TB
Cap — $25MM
Supply — 440MM
PRICE — $0.31
100% Decentralize

Want to learn more about Flux? Check out this overview of the Flux network! or visit them at runonflux.io.



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