Trading on CoinMetro goes live on April 10th!**UpDate**

Both USD and EUR market pairs will be available for trading, parallel assets as released!

The Flux team is pleased to announce that trading on CoinMetro will go live on April 10th and will usher in a new partnership to expand “Hybrid Exchange Technology”. Bringing real Defi benefits to the masses! This is a very exciting time to be in the Flux ecosystem!

You can read more about this developing partnership here:

Parallel assets (such as Flux-KDA, Flux-Eth) will be added as well as release from Fusion. The exact opening of the market times will be released in the coming week.

Head over and check out: to sign up for CoinMetro and get FREE XCM & FLUX! Receive $5 worth of XCM, CoinMetro’s native token + receive $5 worth of FLUX once the token is successfully listed on CoinMetro! Simply deposit €40 ($50 approx) and trade €200 volume ($250 approx).



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