To the Friends of Zelcore

Update on the growth of Zelcore, new developments, and release of overall statistics from the Office of the CEO, Tim Tully!

I am writing this to you at the start of 2022 and the end of an unbelievable 2021 for Zelcore. Did you know that more than 65% of our users (based on our yearly survey) rated their experience with us between 8, 9, or even 10 out of 10 points? We are ecstatic about our progress last year but even more excited about the future as the world comes to understand Web3 and its potential. Most importantly, they will see Zelcore as their command center for the Web3 universe.

We have centered our approach moving forward on 4 key themes:

-Decentralized environments, Web3, are here and will only get larger and more dominant over time.

-Ownership and custody of assets are at the root of control and possibility. Data=Gold

-We will live in a hybrid environment of centralized and decentralized entities and services. A maximalist view will leave you short of the total potential outcome.

-The proliferation of Defi apps and services and centralized participation will create a complex user experience. Users will need a consistent simple interface they can assimilate and trust that won’t compromise control, function, or opportunity to maximize return.

We are working on a major release for Q1 2022. It will focus on some key abilities to make Zelcore the easiest way to navigate all major exchanges and blockchain protocols. Zelcore empowers people to quickly find, manage, trade, and truly own their digital assets and information. Zelcore enables users to take their ownership and agency to choose those services that maximize return and function for their gain rather than a centralized authority. Crypto is the first major use case for Web3. We are incredibly well-positioned for this use case; as well as, the many to follow (gaming, insurance, health care, personal data, etc.)

Metrics, metrics, metrics:

  • Over 400,000+ Users
  • Over 2,500,000+ Total Wallets on all chains
  • 70,000 Monthly Active Users
  • 4th Qtr. Application Downloads:
  • IOS/Apple-45,000
  • Android/Google-50,000
  • 60 Blockchains, 300+ coins, 45,000 tokens supported on the platform
  • Twitter followers increased 4X in 2021
  • Engagements Monthly Average 470K
  • Monthly Average Likes 5K

1st Client Survey on 11/21. 2500+ respondents, more than ⅔ very happy with Zelcore!


New CFO, Kim Murray, was hired in January of 2022. To continue our commitment to the best user experience in Web3, we are bringing in an industry leader for UX/UI in January and will build out a complete team to focus on this endeavor across the platform. We continued to add several key developers in the 4th quarter as well and they have made a strong impact on deliverables. The overall caliber of the people reaching out to us right now is tremendous


Several key features were added to the platform in Q4. Apple Pay via the Wyre fiat on-ramp. Fusion exchange services to support parallel asset claiming and swapping for Flux. This is a powerful capability that you will be hearing a lot more about as we are currently in discussions with several partners to apply this technology to several high transactions, revenue-generating opportunities. Support for Coinbase Pro and Huobi were added. We now support 13 centralized exchanges.


We mentioned above we expanded our partnership with Wyre to increase on platform crypto purchases. We continue to expand our Kaddex relationship to support their rollout which has been delayed to Q1 2022. Our sister company, Flux, has had an incredibly active 2021 and we supported many of their partnerships; such as GSR, Nvidia, CoinMetro, and Kadena. In late December we added, FAMA PR, to help us with our external presence and perception and I am very confident you will be seeing more of the team, our investment/product thesis, and our platform in many more mainstream media, social media, and investment communities. Lastly, but certainly, most importantly, we added several new investment partners this quarter. Zelcore is proud to add you to the list of active supporters and thank you for your trust, belief, and commitment to our mission.

Again, these newsletters are intended to be short snapshots of our progress. Please continue to follow us on social media, podcasts, etc. We are exploring an online investor event to do a Q&A and share a demo on one of the new capabilities to be delivered in Q1. Stay tuned.

Let's Go! Timothy Tully, CEO Zelcore



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