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4 min readJan 25, 2024

A Cost-efficient and Fully Decentralized Hosting Solution

Read on to learn about hosting your Presearch nodes on the Flux network and how you can leverage the advantages of truly decentralized Web3 infrastructure.

The Flux decentralized infrastructure has a wide selection of blockchain node hosting services on the Flux marketplace. Several thousand blockchain nodes have found a home on one of the 12,000 computational nodes on the Flux network.

The blockchain nodes running on Flux benefit from the many advantages of truly decentralized infrastructure:

  • Cost-efficiency — the centralized corporate middleman has been cut out
  • Trustless — all you need is to sign in with your crypto wallet; no KYC is needed
  • Resilience — if one of your node instances goes offline, a new one is spawned
  • Performance — Flux infrastructure is regularly benchmarked, and your blockchain nodes are automatically updated to the latest software version.

The most popular blockchain node to host on Flux is Presearch, there are currently more than three-thousand Presearch nodes running on Flux.

Presearch is a community-driven decentralized search engine that provides better results while protecting your privacy and rewarding you when you search. The Presearch nodes are a fundamental piece of the Presearch project as they power the search engine by crawling the web for the information needed to answer user search queries.

Running your Presearch node on Flux strengthens the decentralized element of Presearch as decentralized node operators run the Flux nodes. The Flux network is global, with nodes in 75 different countries, and the nodes are run by a diverse spread of bare metal nodes run in people’s homes as well as on infrastructure in regular data centers.

To celebrate the popularity of running Presearch nodes on Flux, we have recently launched a campaign with discounts for longer contracts:

  • Presearch, three instances — 1 month for 9,99 $Flux.
  • Presearch, three instances — 3-month subscription for 27.87 $Flux (7% discount)
  • Presearch, three instances — 6-month subscription for 50.95 $Flux (15% discount)
  • Presearch, three instances — 12-month subscription for 83.92 $Flux (30% discount)

All deployments on Flux get three instances, so for one deployment, you will have 3 Presearch nodes showing up on your Presearch node dashboard for staking.

If you want to try it out, read the guide on deploying a Presearch node below.

Many other blockchain nodes are also available for easy deployment on the Flux marketplace, so be sure to check out your options for running more cost-efficient and fully decentralized nodes.

Guide to deploying Presearch nodes on Flux

For this guide, we assume you already have a Presearch account and the required $PRE collateral for running a Presearch node.

To deploy your Presearch nodes on Flux, head to the Flux dashboard at

Login using one of the options available, we recommend using ZelID through the Zelcore wallet.

Once logged in, head to the Flux marketplace in the navigation bar on the left of the dashboard.

Find and select your desired Presearch node deployment type and term length in the list of marketplace apps and click it.

There are two types of Presearch nodes in the Flux marketplace:

  • PresearchNodeLegacy works with ‘grandfathered’ nodes but with auto-staking limitations when nodes disconnect.
  • PresearchNode that uses FluxStorage to build Private Keys and works without auto staking limitations when nodes disconnect, this doesn’t work with ‘grandfathered’ nodes.

Enter your Presearch node registration ID in the ‘registration_code’ parameter. You can find the registration ID on the Presearch node dashboard at

Once the registration ID is entered, hit ‘Start Launching Marketplace App’ and click ‘Next.’ Follow the prompts to sign the transaction and complete the deployment payment.

Once payment is complete, click ‘Finish’ on the app deployment prompts. It will take a little while for your application to deploy as the transactions for payment and deployment need to be mined on the blockchain.

Your node instances should start populating on your Presearch node dashboard at in about an hour, and you can then proceed to set up your stake there. The nodes will initially have the name ‘no description’ until you set a name for them.

That’s it. Your Presearch nodes are now running on Flux.

If you want to extend the time of your Presearch node deployment, head to the Flux dashboard again at

Login, head to ‘Apps’, ‘Global Apps’ and then ‘My Active Apps’. There, you will see your Preseach deployment.

You can also find many good resources and guides online; here are a few of them:

Want to know more?

While on the Flux marketplace, check out the other applications and blockchain nodes that can be easily deployed.

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