Presearch Advertising Grant: How to vote Flux and win a reward

Flux Official
2 min readNov 21, 2022

We are giving $100 in FLUX to 10 lucky voters!

Presearch, a decentralized and community-powered search engine, is giving out $100,000 each in advertising grants to 10 projects in different categories. Here’s how you can help Flux win.

Flux has been nominated alongside other projects in the Presearch infrastructure category, the winner of which will be determined by community voting. The grant includes keyword advertising worth $50,000, a site take-over valued at $45000, and $5000 worth of social media exposure.

Flux has been committed to providing high-quality and affordable infrastructure for web3 over the years, and with community support, we can do even more for the decentralized internet.

Here’s how to participate in the voting process;

Step 1:

Create a Presearch Account:

You must have an active Presearch account to participate in the voting process. Click here to create an account:

Step 2:

Buy PRE:

If you hold 1000 or more PRE (Presearch native token), you will receive a 10X multiplier on your vote. You can buy and hold the PRE tokens directly in your Presearch account or connect to an external wallet. To buy PRE directly from Presearch, click here.

Step 3:

Connect an external wallet:

If you use an external wallet like Metamask, you need to connect it to your Presearch account to receive the 10X multiplier on your vote. Click here to connect your external wallet.

Step 4:

Vote for Flux:

Click here to access the voting board. On the infrastructure board (№8), select Flux (@runonflux) to vote.

Voting Timeline:

The voting process is currently on and will run till the 16th of December 2022.

Kindly remember you can only vote once. However, you can also get your family and friends to sign up on Presearch and vote for Flux.

Let’s bring this home the Flux way!

A chance to win $100 in FLUX:

After you cast your vote, enter your Presearch user ID and contact information into this form:

Winners will be randomly selected and notified after the Presearch Grant voting process.

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