News: Real-time Flux Metrics Data Integrated into The Streamr Hub

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3 min readJul 19, 2023

Building on the successful launch of the Streamr Node on the Flux Marketplace in February 2023, which currently boasts over 400 unique deployments, we’re excited to reveal a new integration between Streamr and Flux to champion open data in Web3. The Streamr Hub now incorporates data streams from the Flux Web3 Cloud API, providing developers, data analysts, and the wider community with a real-time window into the inner workings of the Flux Network.

This integration enables users to access a wealth of new live data directly from the Flux Cloud, providing a fresh perspective on its usage. Key metrics include the number of application instances, total deployments, unique applications, and performance metrics such as CPU resource consumption. This provides insights into how the Flux Cloud is being used and can allow developers to make informed decisions, in real-time, about deployment that could improve their applications’ performance.

The Hub streams interface

“This integration marks an important step forward in our mission to provide a transparent infrastructure for Web3 applications. By combining the power of Streamr’s real-time data network with Flux’s Web3 cloud infrastructure, we are enabling developers and users to access valuable data insights and make informed decisions instantly.” Daniel Keller, co-founder of Flux,

The new data stream also shines a light on the Flux network’s infrastructure by revealing details such as the total number of FluxNodes and their distribution across different tiers. This transparency allows users to accurately assess the health of the network and its potential for growth.

Financial metrics from the Flux network, such as the circulating and locked-up token supply, are also integrated into The Hub. The supply of locked-up or ‘staked’ tokens can provide insight into the network’s stability, as these tokens represent a long-term commitment from their holders.

Further data points now available through this integration include the number of Streamr and Titan nodes run on the Flux Cloud. This allows Streamr and Titan users to understand the live distribution of nodes for their respective networks hosted through the Flux Cloud.

Since the launch of Streamr Node on the Flux Marketplace in February 2023, there have been over 400 deployments currently in operation. This enhances the ability to easily supply nodes to meet the scalability demands of the Streamr Network. The new metrics data give further visibility to these deployments, enhancing transparency and decentralization.

Follow this simple guide to host your Streamr broker node on the Flux Web3 Cloud!

In summary, the integration between Streamr and Flux enables a new level of transparency in Web3, giving users a truly decentralized window into their network’s operations.

Streamr welcomes other protocols and projects to join the open data movement by collaborating to add unique and valuable metrics and other real-time streams to The Hub. The Streamr Open Data Challenge also offers $DATA prizes for valuable streams added to The Hub.

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