Miner Rewards go Live on Flux Labs

Mine $Flux and earn ongoing rewards for network uptime! The program is now LIVE and will be shared with all Pools supporting Flux mining in the near future!

Check it out now live on FluxLabs: https://fluxpools.net/coins/flux

Release Notes for Go-Live

FluxPools Release Notes v0.3.3

- Loyalty Program added and configured

- If a miner meets the uptime requirement, they get free Flux!

- Changed Twitter account to @RunOnFlux

- Rebranded to FluxLabsPools

- “Bucket” stats now active on Flux pool — A more efficient and much faster way of storing and accessing historical pool stats

- Leads to pool pages loading faster

- Coin ticker is now consistent across the pool site

- Favourites fixed on pools with a hyphen in the name (you may need to clear and recreate your favorites)

-Rigs with names containing invalid characters (:;$%”<>{}) are now sanitized

Learn more about the Rewards Program here: https://fluxofficial.medium.com/flux-team-announces-miner-rewards-program-release-date-bad8b03067e3



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