Making History — Bittrex Global exchange listing Flux-ETH parallel asset.

Awesome news! Flux is getting listed on the Bittrex exchange, a premier, long-standing top exchange. And for the first time in history, a parallel asset is being listed (Flux-ETH). Bittrex will open trade on a Flux/USDT trading pair making it possible to trade this parallel asset outside of Uniswap.

Flux is thrilled to announce a new exchange listing!

Bittrex is bringing Flux to their platform. Bittrex is a premier top 20 exchange with a focus on security and fast and robust technology to enable lightning-fast trades.

For the first time ever a Flux parallel asset will be listed on a top centralized exchange. Bittrex will be listing a Flux-ETH/USDT trading pair making it possible to trade Flux-ETH outside of Uniswap, which is currently the only market for Flux-ETH. This solidifies the importance of parallel assets!

The prospect of parallel assets being listed on centralized exchanges is an exciting one, as it means more opportunities and more flexibility for Flux traders. Like Flux, the Bittrex exchange values innovation in blockchain, and this listing is proof of that.

Bittrex provided the following listing information:

WALLET OPEN FOR DEPOSITS: Monday, October 18, 2021, @ 10 AM PT
MARKET OPEN FOR TRADING: Tuesday, October 19, 2021, @ 10 AM PT

So get your Flux-ETH ready, opportunity is knocking at your door.

Want to know more?

Check out the Official Flux website hosted on the Flux decentralized network.

And please do stop by the Flux discord to meet the Flux team and community and discuss all things Flux.

If you want to witness what Flux has built so far, go visit the Flux network dashboard and see how many nodes we’ve got online, check out the massive resources available to the network, see what decentralized apps are running and what the current rewards are for Flux node operators.



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