Kadena & Zel Tech Partner to Host 100+ Full Nodes on Flux Network

Zelnode Operators can receive monthly $KDA on top of $ZEL rewards for helping Kadena peer their blockchain continuously

Zel Technologies ($ZEL) and Kadena ($KDA) are pleased to announce our working business partnership. Kadena Validator Nodes will be globally deployed and operating on Zel’s soon-to-be-released Flux decentralized computational network. This roll-out will strengthen over the next several months and scale to meet the needs of the two communities.

This business development relies on the Kadena Project providing the Zel Foundation with a monthly allotment of $KDA coin to be distributed to ZelNode Operators. $KDA will also be used to further development of Flux and deploy more Kadena resources on the Network.

Zelnode Operators that choose to run the Kadena Validator Node ZelApp continuously will receive $KDA on top of normal $ZEL rewards

The initial target is getting 100+ Validator nodes up and running over the first several months. This will be accomplished in phases and will allow the Zel Team to scale, test, and ensure reliable and dependable uptime to help support the KDA network.

Why Kadena + Flux?

The short answer is that both projects align closely in ethos, both being centered around disruptive technologies. Now both projects can facilitate different modes of decentralized tech, complementing each other to a high degree through their respective novel approaches to the blockchain space. This is the first step to interoperability between different chains.

How ZelNode Rewards Will Work

Once Flux v1 is globally released on September 22nd, a monthly dividend distribution of $KDA will be sent to the Zel ID’s of the contributing ZelNode Operators.

Unfortunately Basic ZelNodes do not qualify as the required resources for the Kadena daemon is higher than that supplied by Basics. Rewards are weighted by node tier as higher tiers offer more computing resources and more collateralized ZEL. The distribution split will be in the same ratio as current ZEL rewards.

Further specifics about the distribution will be released as Flux is rolled out including uptime requirements and distribution dates, how to claim, etc.

Trusted ZelNode hosters will also be leveraged to ensure a minimum number of servers are running the Kadena app around the clock. These nodes will receive the same allotment of $KDA as a standard operator if the app is running for the same amount of time and meet minimum requirements.

The Zel Team is looking forward to this opportunity to strengthen both networks and provide a valuable use case for the Flux decentralized computational network. The Kadena Team has been amazing to work with, and we look forward to seeing this disruptive partnership mature.

Let’s build the future together!



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