How to make the most of the FLUX you hold and earn.

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4 min readJun 5, 2021

FLUX rewards people who are loyal and support the network. Get involved and get rewarded!

FLUX is not only the best decentralized computational network in the crypto space. It also provides great opportunities to earn more FLUX no matter how much or how little you hold.

Here are the many ways of making the most of your FLUX.


Did you know that you can get more FLUX by simply holding FLUX in the official Zelcore wallet?

Every time FLUX introduces a new parallel asset there is an airdrop of the new tokens to FLUX holders. You qualify simply by holding your FLUX in the official Zelcore Wallet.

The next snapshot is on June 15th, 2021 when the FLUX-ETH and FLUX-BNB parallel assets are launched. You will receive approx. 1 FLUX-ETH and 1 FLUX-BNB for each 12.1 FLUX you hold. So about 16.5% of your holdings.

You can keep these parallel assets on the ETH or BNB chains to trade on Uniswap or PancakeSwap. Soon you will also be able to use the Fusion app in Zelcore to swap your parallel assets 1:1 back to native FLUX.

Keep on holding as there will be 7 more parallel assets coming over the next year or so.

As an added bonus holding more than 5,000 FLUX in Zelcore also gives you access to the Zelcore+ features free of charge.

Learn more:

Details on the June 15th airdrop.

Details on Zelcore+.


FLUX has partnered with the Coinmetro exchange to offer FLUX staking.

You need as little as 500 FLUX to stake, the rewards depend on how long you choose to lock up your FLUX. Coinmetro also supports the snapshots and airdrops when you hold a stake on Coinmetro.

This is a great opportunity if you either don’t have enough to post the collateral for a FLUX node or just want a convenient way to earn FLUX without the technicalities of setting up a node.

Here are the details on Coinmetro staking.

Running FLUX nodes:

The FLUX network is dependent on node operators and miners, which is why FLUX has been designed to incentivize just that. Miners and node operators split the FLUX block rewards 50/50, so both are great opportunities to earn FLUX.

If you have enough FLUX to post collateral then you can run a node on the FLUX network. The smallest ‘cumulus’ node requires you to lock a 10K FLUX collateral. You can run the node on a Raspberry Pi4 or PC from your home, or you can rent a VPS.

Node operators have great flexibility in choosing how to run their nodes ensuring that FLUX is a truly decentralized network. As long as you have the required collateral anyone can run a node — No questions asked.

Current rewards for running a node can be seen on the FLUX dashboard under Dashboard -> Economics (that dashboard runs on FLUX nodes by the way).

More Info on nodes.

Guide to setting up a node from start to finish.

Mining FLUX with your graphics card:

If you have a capable graphics card on your PC then you can mine FLUX using special mining software. In this way, you can earn a nice amount of FLUX by mining with your Graphics card when you’re not using it for gaming.

Mining rewards depend on your hardware, however, unlike Ethereum FLUX can be mined on older graphics cards with just 4GB of ram. You can calculate how much FLUX you can earn per day using an online mining calculator such as whattomine.

Video guide on mining FLUX.

FLUXpools official mining pool.

Parallel mining (a game-changer):

FLUX will soon announce parallel mining, increasing the block rewards for node operators and miners significantly. The FLUX team revealed parallel mining at a recent AMA.

Soon you will not only earn FLUX by hosting nodes or mining, but also parallel assets like FLUX-KDA, FLUX-ETH, and FLUX-BNB. Parallel assets will be earned in a 1:10 ratio to FLUX.

When parallel mining is introduced then for each 10 FLUX you earn from nodes or mining you will initially also earn 1 FLUX-KDA, 1 FLUX-ETH, and 1 FLUX-BNB. More parallel assets will be added over time increasing the rewards even further.

Getting involved:

You can earn FLUX by getting involved with the FLUX community on Discord. Feel free to hang out with the friendly community members as well as the FLUX team. Earn FLUX through community airdrops, get rewards for making FLUX memes and win prizes by participating in other community activities like supporting FLUX on folding@home.

Visit the FLUX discord here.

FLUX is about to launch an XDAO and will provide grants for anyone with the ideas and initiative to innovate and grow the FLUX network. Anyone can apply for a grant, all you need is a great idea and the will to see it through. Innovate, build and earn more FLUX.

Wrapping up:

As you can see FLUX never stops. Your investment in the FLUX ecosystem will grow over time and your loyalty will be rewarded whether you hold, stake, run nodes, mine with your graphics card, or get involved in the community.

If you want to fill your bags, you can buy FLUX at these exchanges:







Remember to check out the official FLUX website for more information and the latest FLUX news.

Special thanks to Community contributor grimmeeper for the write-up!