Government Blockchain Showcase: Proudly Sponsored By InFlux

Flux Official
3 min readJun 7, 2024


InFlux Technologies is sponsoring one of the most dynamic blockchain showcases, this time for government and public sector clients.

The inherent qualities of blockchain technology make it a suitable choice for industry players in the private sector and a strong contender for driving critical innovation in the public sector. Whether it’s for secure data storage, implementation of a cross-border digital identity, tracking government projects, or achieving efficiency and transparency, blockchain technology offers viable use cases that can change the traditional narrative.

To provide a holistic experience of the decentralized world's massive potential, InFlux Technologies, in conjunction with the Global Blockchain Alliance (GBA) and the Virginia Blockchain Council, is sponsoring the first-ever Government Blockchain Showcase!

This event aims to unveil blockchain technology's multiple opportunities to accelerate innovation in the public sector by upgrading conventional systems to match the technological demands and challenges of the modern world. It also seeks to explore diverse ways to optimize existing structures in digital public infrastructure by leveraging decentralized technologies. This will enable all stakeholders to identify critical gaps across the public sector and viable blockchain solutions to address them.

The Government Blockchain Showcase, scheduled for August 16, 2024, in Fairfax City, Virginia, will also see the Flux team share its massive strides across the Web3 ecosystem. This will include on-site demos showing how the ecosystem’s unique offerings can translate into remarkable security and scalability for Government clients while retaining a cost-effective edge.

For example, FluxDrive provides a robust solution to decentralized data storage, highlighting privacy and security that can otherwise be compromised on centralized servers. The Flux Cloud infrastructure offers a high-availability solution for enterprise and Government clients to deploy highly scalable projects while minimizing the risk of susceptibility to hacks by malicious actors. Flux is also partnering with global providers to ensure the delivery of secured workloads across its infrastructure and maintain regulatory compliance and industry-standard encryption.

Participants will engage with industry leaders and government decision-makers in and outside the United States. Dan Keller (CEO & Co-founder of Influx Technologies) is the keynote speaker for the Government Blockchain Showcase. The event is free for all civil servants with a government email address. To sign up, Register here.

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