FTX comes to Zelcore — FTX + Zelcore = Unmatched Trading Power

FTX integration is coming to Zelcore. With the integration of this tier-one exchange in Zelcore, traders will get one step closer to crypto trading Nirvana. Zelcore’s premier self-custodial digital asset platform delivers in wallet access to the world’s best exchanges and now adds a premier crypto derivatives and spot trading platform, FTX. The combination of Zelcore, powered by the decentralization powerhouse, Flux, and direct access to FTX will provide users the most robust trading platform in all of crypto.


Zelcore is driven by the promise to deliver simplicity, choice, and access to its community. To continue on that mission we are thrilled to announce that both FTX exchanges, FTX Global and FTX US, are now integrated into the Zelcore self-custodial digital asset platform enabling you to trade on FTX directly. With the addition of FTX, Zelcore now gives users access to more than 8 different centralized exchanges to choose from directly from your wallet.

FTX has one of the most expansive arrays globally of tradable products, derivatives options, fiat transfers, and staking across an extensive group of coins and currencies. They also recently announced their acquisition of LedgerX to bring those derivative capabilities to the US client base.

FTX trading will be supported on both desktop and mobile Zelcore applications and will be fully integrated into the latest Zelcore interface. Enjoy trading and swapping on your favorite exchange from the comforts of your own wallet, any place, any time.

Trading without limits

The seamless integration of the FTX exchange into Zelcore will enable you to trade without limits.

In one neat package on the device of your choice, you will have:

  • A self-custodial wallet capable of holding hundreds of crypto assets, ‘your keys your crypto’.

Users will be getting the best and most versatile trading platform in all of crypto. Today’s announcement adds to the incredible array of choices for the very best centralized exchanges in crypto. This access combined with decentralized finance, unique wallet capabilities, and innovations in blockchain technology on Zelcore powered by Flux, results in unmatched trading power.

About Zelcore Technologies, Inc

ZelCore Technologies Inc., founded in Delaware USA, is a collective of coders, business developers, and management with specialties in blockchain, banking and investments, and compliance. The team focuses on the “last mile” of blockchain, connecting and simplifying existing services from the provider to the end-user seamless and elegant packaging. Their flagship digital asset platform, ZelCore, is a “Gateway to the Blockchain”, offering wallet and custody solutions for over 250 of the top cryptos, native access to top exchanges and quick-swaps, and an entire ecosystem of decentralized applications. ZelCore is available free-to-use on all major desktop and mobile devices. To learn more about ZelCore and its comprehensive crypto and blockchain tools, visit https://zelcore.io

About the Flux Ecosystem

Flux is an entire ecosystem devoted to empowering the people of the internet to develop, deploy and use the decentralized internet of the future, Web 3.0.

At this moment the Flux ecosystem consists of; A native minable POW cryptocurrency ($FLUX), a powerful decentralized computational network (FluxNodes) a Linux-based operating system (FluxOS), and the premier digital asset platform (Zelcore).

Currently, Flux has a computational network consisting of around 1800 decentralized nodes globally with more than 8,400 CPU cores, 27 terabytes of RAM, and 600 terabytes of storage. The network is fully operational and continues to deploy many decentralized apps and developing active partnerships with blockchain projects, businesses, and app developers.

Flux is and will always be an independent, community-driven, and open-source project.

Feel free to drop by the Flux discord to meet the Flux team and community. And also make sure to visit the official Flux website hosted on the Flux decentralized network.

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