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FluxLabs is an incubator and project collaboration hub focused on building partnerships and developing Web3 and Flux infrastructure. It is a central part of the Flux partner model and allows for projects to build their Web3 projects alongside the Flux team. Web3 is for everyone and Fluxlabs makes Web3 development and deployment even more accessible, especially for new and growing Web3 projects.

FluxLabs has always been around, but it is now being ‘relaunched’ alongside a new Flux partnership model. Here is an introduction to FluxLabs and how Flux is working with other projects towards a shared goal of building Web3.

FluxLabs exist for a few specific reasons.

First of all, there is no competition in building Web3. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is Web3, as an emerging technology Web3 still has a long way to go. To succeed we need collaboration, building together for the benefit of all. FluxLabs is a collaborative space.

Second, Flux aims to be the leader in Web3 infrastructure. You can’t build the best technology if you don’t challenge yourself by always pushing the limits of what you believe is possible. Partners in FluxLabs are necessary to push the Flux ecosystem and technology forward. By deploying new applications and pushing for new use-cases they are making Flux stronger.

And the last thing, probably the most important one, developing Web3 is fun! When Web3 developers get together great things happen, we build things, then break them, then rebuild them better. It’s fun to meet like-minded individuals and teams and just build this thing that we’re all super excited about. It’s good fun all around.

FluxLabs is a central part of the new Flux partnership model that consists of different tiers:

  • Running on Flux — Projects who have deployed an application and utilize Flux infrastructure.
  • FluxLabs member — Projects adopted in the FluxLabs collaborative space. An active partnership where the partner project and Flux work alongside each other to grow and build a better Web3.
  • Strategic partner — Partnerships that are integral to either growing the Flux ecosystem or technology or where partners rely on Flux infrastructure to successfully execute their business model.

So that’s the ‘why’ out of the way, but what does FluxLabs bring for the projects wanting to get onboard the Flux Web3 journey?

Fluxlabs — an incubation and innovation accelerator for Web3 projects

So, Fluxlabs aims to help Web3 projects develop and deploy better technology by leveraging the Flux ecosystem and working with the Flux team to do so.

The program emphasizes three specific pillars:

1) beneficial specific use-case and adoption in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space

2) structured brainstorming workshops, community events, and raising awareness of both Flux and the FluxLabs projects together

3) facilitate connections with like-minded projects and co-marketing for new technologies and partnerships.

In addition, FluxLabs will focus on projects that add beneficial and functional technology to the industry. All projects joining the FluxLabs incubator program will need to be operating, in a full developmental phase, and have a vetted business model. As a part of the incubation program, FluxLabs has created one of the best communities and networks of blockchain technology entrepreneurs, experts, mentors, and investors that have the bandwidth and infrastructure to support and develop startups in growing their business, strengthening their commercial presence and increasing their outreach and competitiveness in local, regional and international markets.

“There will be no ICOs, IEOs, or other unrealistic and inflated business practices. These projects will be self-developed, self-funded, and ready to enter the business world. We need to move past where people spend more money on bloated advertising, presales, shady token sales, and other broken funding models. Blockchain is ready to have a platform for real investments into stronger development of the technology.” — Daniel Keller, Chief Strategy Officer & Business Development

FluxLabs will provide new projects with:

  • Platform access to Windows, Apple, Linux, iOS, and Android via ZelCore
  • Accelerate legal, security, business, and operational advice and mentoring
  • Focus on the development of the chosen platforms and provide guidance through the iterative build process including integration into ZelCore
  • Guidance to other partners in the space to grow their project and build logical partnerships
  • Onboarding to Flux infrastructure and services.

FluxLabs services are included in the ZelCore integration for projects that are accepted for the incubation and acceleration development program and meet standards, unlike others in the space that require massive amounts of the project’s coins and tokens. “We believe in the adoption of the space, and not extorting new projects to be noticed and will place focus on the tech, not the money like today’s process,” Daniel stated.

Get the full rundown and see the current FluxLabs partners at the new FluxLabs website.

You can’t write Web3 without the ‘We’

Building Web3 is a joint effort and the key to making it all work is community. So, whether you’re a miner, investor, tech connoisseur, developer, or just interested in Web3 be sure to pay Flux a visit and participate!

We encourage you to visit the Flux Web3 community and team on the official Flux Discord, keep up to date on the official flux Twitter @runonflux and find more information about the best infrastructure available for Web3 on the Flux website.

Also be sure to check out the FluxOS dashboard where you can find information on current network resources, applications currently deployed, current FluxNode rewards, and much more.

See you soon!



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