FluxLabs Partners With The University Blockchain Alliance.

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2 min readOct 6, 2022

One of the biggest hurdles in the path of blockchain and Web3 mass adoption is the limited access to educational resources. Even though blockchain technology came into the limelight almost half a decade ago, there are still a lot of gaps in the public domain regarding how to use, apply and interact with the technology. But that’s about to change as FluxLabs, Flux’s hub of innovation, cements a new partnership with University Blockchain Alliance (UBA).

University Blockchain Alliance started in 2021 as a small, interactive network of 5 universities in Illinois. Barely a year later, this coalition has expanded to over 110 universities across six continents, all sharing a similar goal; making the blockchain space more accessible to students. UBA creates a global yet tightly knitted community that encourages and facilitates the large-scale adoption of Blockchain technology in the modern world of education and academia.

Why is this important?

For one, blockchain revolutionary technology has become a tool for digital transformation across several sectors. While this impact is most visible in the current decentralization wave sweeping across the financial sector, blockchain application also goes well beyond the charts and metrics.

For example, it can optimize the record-keeping system in academics. Its immutability and transparency can eliminate incidences of degree fraud and increase the efficiency of management, monitoring, and tracking systems. It also offers a robust opportunity to design and implement new learning models.

Two, providing students with the required knowledge and exposure to blockchain technology opens up a new world of unique possibilities as they explore diverse options.

UBA exposes students in the network to blockchain technology and the technical know-how of finding innovative blockchain projects, mining, and utilizing other blockchain tools.

Now with Flux’s partnership, UBA will introduce students to the world of Flux. They will learn how to leverage the resources available in the ecosystem for the good of the decentralized world. They will also learn to mine, run nodes and deploy on the Flux computational network. UBA shares Flux’s dream of a free, transparent, secure internet. In Nicholas Harness (founder of UBA) words, “We’re incredibly excited to launch this partnership with the amazing team at FluxLabs and work with them to make the Flux network and all of its advantages over traditional web services available for students around the globe. Moving towards a more decentralized internet is one of the most important goals of UBA and the wider blockchain community. We’re honored to have amazing partners like FluxLabs, who we can work with to help achieve this goal.” For this reason, UBA will also be running its website on Flux.

At Flux, we continue to build the decentralized future of the internet, and blockchain education will be one of our tools for empowering the free web.

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