FluxEdge Alpha, Testing the Compute Marketplace of the Future

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5 min readApr 1, 2024


Flux is launching the closed alpha of the FluxEdge marketplace for computing services. The alpha will scale up the user base and features of FluxEdge and allow the Flux team to test and develop FluxEdge in a more diverse environment. The Flux team looks forward to inviting select testers to join the alpha and share feedback and ideas to create the decentralized compute marketplace of the future.

The wait is over! Flux is releasing the FluxEdge closed alpha on March 29th to test and demonstrate the computing marketplace of the future.

FluxEdge is a decentralized marketplace for compute services targeting AI, ML, rendering, and more. It offers a comprehensive catalog of industry-standard services available on a decentralized platform, allowing clients access to affordable machines and compute resources for almost any job.

In the ethos of true decentralization, FluxEdge is designed to be accessible, easy to use, and affordable so no one gets priced out or excluded. The computing marketplace of the future does not serve a single organization; it is meant to bring value to everyone and make the most of the idle hardware already available in the world.

The full release of FluxEdge will offer:

  • Highly affordable services.
  • Industry-standard security.
  • Support for industry-standard tools such as Jupyter Notebook, Grafana, Ollana, and more.
  • Simple to use, but with deep customizability for advanced users and enterprises.
  • Payments using both fiat and crypto.
  • High scalability through the Flux decentralized computational network and partner networks.
  • A focus on interoperability with support for most existing hardware and operating systems.
  • A user experience allowing for seamless Web2 to Web3 transition for clients.

With its unique features and services, FluxEdge stands out from the current crop of GPU marketplaces. The platform is highly focused on ease of use and creating a seamless transition from Web2 to Web3 technology for clients.

March 29th marks the closed alpha release of FluxEdge, which allows select participants to test the marketplace and provide valuable feedback to the development team. This will also enable the Flux team to more publicly demonstrate the power of a genuinely decentralized compute marketplace.

FluxEdge taps into the resources available through FluxCore, the application that allows anyone to make their CPU and GPU resources available for jobs on the FluxEdge marketplace. Think of it as an infinitely scalable decentralized engine room that enables efficient use of the world’s available compute resources.

FluxCore is currently in open beta, and the Flux team has worked hard to ensure that the application runs smoothly and supports many hardware configurations. The success of the FluxCore beta would not have been possible without the support of the Flux community and our great partners in the tech industry.

The hard work of everyone involved paved the way for the FluxEdge closed alpha, and we’re thankful that so many are dedicated to building a truly decentralized compute marketplace that is for the people by the people.

What to expect from the FluxEdge closed Alpha.

The FluxEdge marketplace has been developing since last year. After being built and tested internally, it is now ready to progress to the closed alpha phase.

The purpose of the alpha is to start testing the marketplace at a larger scale in a more diverse environment. The team will use external testers to collect valuable feedback on all market aspects. This will guide the development team as it tweaks the system, optimizes useability, fixes bugs, and technical issues.

Tests will focus on the full suite of features and use cases needed for the beta phase, such as installation, payment system, workload deployment, machine rankings, etc. The alpha will also allow the Flux team to fine-tune pricing for FluxEdge services.

Simply put, the alpha is critical for the Flux development team to deliver the best product possible.

The closed alpha will be available to participants selected by the FluxEdge development team. Initially, participants will primarily be Flux partners and valued community members with a track record of supporting Flux development. The alpha will start with just a few testers, but more will be added weekly, and the number of testers will grow from a handful into the hundreds over time.

At the launch of the alpha, testers will be able to use their FluxEdge account to rent complete machines and deploy a pre-defined set of dockerized applications such as Stable diffusion, Ollama, and others. They can also manage their account their deployments and audit their current and previous deployments.

On the provider side, testers will be able to manage their machines and clusters and see their leases and earnings. The team has published the draft economy of FluxEdge to collect feedback from the community. The Flux team welcomes any insights our community provides and looks forward to future community discussions and AMA sessions. In the alpha, the payment and claim system will be tested, but there are other focuses than incentivization.

The plan for the alpha is to scale up over multiple stages, with features and users added as we go. Initially, the alpha will focus on renting full machines from the provider. Still, over time, the granularity of the system will increase, allowing for shared machines and eventually submitting individual tasks to be completed. The feature set and possible deployments will also grow during the beta, allowing for more types of jobs and deployments to be run on rented machines, such as full OS and custom deployments.

FluxEdge will transition to open beta when the alpha stage concludes and become available to the general public. The timing will depend on the development progress, so the open beta launch date has yet to be set. The FluxEdge open beta is expected to launch during the second half of 2024.

During the alpha, the Flux team will share progress with the community, publicly demonstrate the FluxEdge marketplace, and highlight important features and developments.

We look forward to sharing more information in the future and engaging with the community to share ideas and make FluxEdge the leader in decentralized computing.

Want to know more?

FluxEdge is another cutting-edge product from InFlux Technologies, complementing our existing offerings, such as decentralized Flux Cloud, the SSP wallet, and more. We also have many more exciting developments this year, so check out our 2024 roadmap.

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Finally, you can meet the Flux community on the Flux discord. You can also meet the Flux team on Discord and discuss everything about Flux. We always seek new community members, developers, or potential partners.