Flux Team Announces “Miner Rewards” Program Release Date

Flux Official
2 min readApr 8, 2021

Mine Flux and earn ongoing rewards for network uptime! The program will go live on Flux Labs 4–15–2021

The Flux project intends to support and reward loyal miners that work to secure the network and provide constant hash power.

There are four variables to the loyalty program:

Duration — how often the payouts will occur
Uptime — the target uptime to trigger a payout
Max Hashrate — any miner with a hashrate above this, will be capped
Max Reward — the max amount you will be rewarded per payout

These variables will be subject to change as time goes by, but initially, they will be set to a standard across the board.

How payouts are calculated:

Payouts will be made once per cycle of the loyalty program and are calculated using this formula — (Your average (capped) hashrate / Max hashrate) * Max Reward.
For example, if we set the max hashrate to 1ksol/s and the max reward to 20 FLUX:
— If someone mines with 50sol/s and meets the uptime requirement, they would get (50/1000) * 20, or 1 FLUX
— If someone else mines with 2ksol/s and meets the uptime requirement, they would get (1000/1000) * 20, or 20 FLUX (their hashrate would be capped to 1ksol/s)

The rewards program will be launched on the FluxLabs pool at https://fluxpools.net/

The exact payouts and terms will be developed and released at a later time. The program will be avalible to ALL pools that run Flux and want to incentivize miners that remain and support the network criteria.

The Flux team is excited to keep miners engaged and incentives to support the network. Learn more about the rebrand of Flux, and all the project updates here: https://youtu.be/M-4gQuVBbUM