Flux Team Announces Integration into the CoinBase-Rosetta Platform

Flux will be joining the list of other top-level projects by integrating the Rosetta API standard created and maintained by Coinbase

The FluxLabs team is pleased to share we have begun and is running on testnet for integration this week of the Rosetta API structure, aligning Flux with Coinbase’s initiatives of easy-to-use integration processes.

What is Rosetta?

Rosetta is an open standard designed to simplify blockchain deployment and interaction. Spend less time on integration and more time on novel blockchain advancements. Rosetta is meant to establish a standard for protocol integration. Launched by Coinbase, Rosetta is a 100% open-source technology framework for digital wallets, crypto exchanges, and related platforms aiming to promote the adoption, collaboration, and widespread use of different blockchain solutions. Several other top-level projects such as FileCoin, Sia, Kadena, Ontology, Celo, Neo, and more have chosen to integrate their API into the platform as well. The goal is to make a more seamless addition process to platforms, including Coinbase.

What does this mean for Flux?

Coinbase talks about the importance of Rosetta here:


The goal to align the project with logical partners that will expand the ecosystem. This opportunity places Flux right up there with some of the larger projects in the space and creates a new opportunity for a more seamless integration process.

Will Flux be listed by Coinbase?

Coinbase always reserves the right to list what projects they deem appropriate and meeting their stringent criteria, however; being added to Rosetta is a step in the right direction. In combination with CVe security reporting, Flux Bug Bounty reporting plan, Legal and security approval in the US (Howey Test), and more we aim to position ourselves to be a very irresistible force to ignore.

Let’s build the future, today!

Learn more about Flux: https://runonflux.io/



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