Flux Set to Launch Decentralized Social Media Application, Dropalo.

Flux Official
2 min readMay 22, 2021

Developing another decentralized application to assist the masses, Flux pushes the power and scale of their network.

They say a picture contains thousands of pixels, worth a thousand words as well; welcome to the part of the bigger picture.

Today the Flux team is announcing our work and partnership with a Labs project startup called Dropalo.

Dropalo is a multipurpose, location-based, time-restricted messaging platform; a global bulletin board system, where all messages have a lifespan and eventually expire. This development keeps in line with the blockchain privacy and decentralization mantra. The aim is to launch Dropalo’s dapp across the Flux decentralized computational network.

Fluxlabs has been incubating this project for the past ten months and will be ready to launch within the coming months. Dropalo is built with a hyper-focus on local and locale while retaining the feel and tools of global platform and service. Bringing a unique service to the community, partners, and users, Dropalo will provide a bridge between communities, tribes, groups, and movements for inclusive and positive engagements. Dropalo will be powered by the Flux network via Docker deployment.

It is a new social messaging application, which we hope people can benefit from many decentralized services and tools. The process will be iterative and incremental as we continue to build the underlying technology of the Flux network, to support the Dropalo application and many more apps to come.

More information will be provided soon as we move forward in the launch and development of the platform. This is an exciting time for all, and we look forward to introducing the team to the community.

The CSO of Flux, Daniel Keller stated “We are just getting started with Dropalo, this will be a large part of what our decentralized future looks like. Applications that capitalize on the Flux network, and its scale”.

Every Journey Begins with these small steps.

Thank you for your continued support. Learn more about Flux, and its host of projects here.