Flux Report: Here’s How Far We’ve Gone.

At Flux, we are big on keeping our community updated with the latest happenings in the Ecosystem. If you missed any big highlights, here is Flux in Focus for November and December.

Titan crosses 100 nodes:

Titan nodes crossed the 100 mark in November. Since its launch earlier this year, Titan nodes have been an instant success, with over 1.2 million Flux locked in during the first week of beta launch. Titan enables users to pool their resources together to run enterprise-grade hardware. Want to join the nodes network without going full ballistics? Titan is for you.

Who wants some Thunder?

Project Thunder (Cumulus Fractus storage nodes) is on the test net. We’re looking forward to a live launch in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, Jetpack 2.0 is running on steroids, and the long-awaited FluxDrive is now fully available! Get access to fully decentralized storage without fear of data loss. All tiers of FluxDrive are now available for your cloud storage needs, and you can pay directly in Fiat.

Flux also crossed a critical milestone with FluxOS V3.28.0, an upgrade that allows gaming servers and other complicated applications to run seamlessly on our decentralized cloud infrastructure. On FluxNode, Stratus crossed the 2,000-node mark, bringing the total number of nodes running on the network to over 15,000!

The first version of the FluxOS app was released this month! You can now Beta test it on Apple and Google! Download them here: Android store link, iOS store link. The goal is to build this to be your perfect one-stop-shop for DApp deployment, FluxDrive, Node Hub, and much more.

Still, on cloud infrastructure, the Ecosystem has partnered with leading European cloud provider OVHcloud. With this new partnership, more projects (both on Web2 and Web3) will be able to access fast and efficient cloud services without breaking the bank.

Seeed Studio, another Flux partner, has launched SenseCAP M4 Square, the first plug-and-play edge computing solution for Flux nodes. SenseCAP M4 Square makes it easy to deploy Cumulus nodes on Flux Network without writing a single line of code!

Websites, Dapps, Game servers, Enterprises, Blockchain nodes? Now, you can run it all on Flux! Check out our marketplace to easily host and run front-ends, nodes, and block-books of crypto projects and games with just a few clicks.

FluxLabs, our incubation program, onboarded more than ten new projects providing decentralized solutions that cut across different industries. You can read more details here.

To stay in touch with the latest happenings in the Flux Ecosystem, say hello on our Discord, check us out on Twitter, and don’t miss out on our Medium posts.

We would not achieve any of this without the support of our community! Thank you all, and Mary Christmas from the entire Flux team!



Blog source for all things Flux, officially; from the Flux Team | https://runonflux.io | https://twitter.com/runonflux

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