Flux Products Overview: Welcome To The New Internet

Flux Official
5 min readMay 13, 2024


Flux continues rapidly expanding its reach into different technology sectors with a single vision — decentralization. In this article, we explore the ecosystem’s various products and offerings.

What is Flux?

Flux is a decentralized computational network that helps users deploy highly scalable, globally available, and censorship-resistant applications to power the next generation of the internet. While Flux started as a small Web3 company, it has grown massively into a large ecosystem with varied interests.

These include decentralized cloud infrastructure for decentralized applications, Proof of Useful Work, wallet technology, and more. In addition, there is a native marketplace for quick deployments. Flux’s suite of cross-functional products has since earned it the tag of a ‘one-stop ecosystem for decentralized technology.’

Now, let’s take a closer look at some of Flux Ecosystem's products.

Flux Cloud

This is the primary offering of the Flux ecosystem. Flux Cloud is our infrastructural base powered by over 13,000 nodes in 78 countries. Flux Cloud utilizes the resilience of the blockchain network with a peer hosting approach to deliver a highly redundant system that ensures that deployed applications remain online and accessible.

Every application running on Flux Cloud is deployed on at least three nodes. These nodes are decentralized geographically and, in operation, incorporate three essential features needed to maintain high availability: redundancy, monitoring, and network load balancing.

The individual components of the Flux Cloud system architecture have a fallback system that ensures the failure of any node is immediately detected by a monitoring system. After that, a network load balancing mechanism kicks in, transferring server requests to an active node without disrupting accessibility. In addition to Flux Cloud's high-performance abilities, it also offers very affordable pricing, making it cost-effective for all individual/ business purposes. Get started with Flux Cloud.

Decentralized WordPress

WordPress on Flux brings decentralization to the world’s most significant content management software. Now, you can run your website, e-commerce site, or blog without fear of revenue loss due to an AWS outage or even losing your entire project to the real threat of de-platforming.

Hosting your WordPress website on Flux gives you access to enterprise-grade infrastructure for optimal performance and high availability; WordPress websites hosted on Flux have also been shown to outperform many of the top hosting providers and with significantly lower overhead costs. WordPress on Flux offers customizable plans to suit your needs, whether you’re trying to deploy a personal blog, a business website, a large e-commerce store, or an online forum. Get started with decentralized WordPress.


Zelcore is a non-custodial wallet for users who want to manage digital assets and interface with crypto trading activities across significant exchanges. Zelcore supports Trezor and Ledger hard wallets and other imported wallets, making it possible to track and manage your assets comprehensively in one place.

The wallet functions in synergy with the Flux ecosystem and is integrated as the default payment method for all other products in the ecosystem.

Zelocre allows users to own their digital assets by giving them full control over the private keys. Users have access to over 70+ blockchains and biometric locks. Plus, an “always on” encryption system protects data when you close the application, ensuring the security of their assets. Click here to get started with Zelcore.

SSP Wallet

SSP is a wallet-key combo that comprises the wallet itself, an extension available on the Chrome browser, and the ‘key,’ a mobile application downloadable from IOs and the Google Play Store.

Unlike many centralized wallets, SSP introduces a multi-level layer of security through its dual signature capabilities and industry-grade BIP48 encryption. This multi-level system requires a wallet-key pair to authenticate any transactions initiated from the wallet. When transactions are initiated on the wallet, a corresponding signature from the mobile application is required to authenticate them. This is vital to addressing the prevalent increase in wallet hacks and scams by malicious actors.

SSP is fully open source and, as such, can evolve to adopt new functionality and features. This also allows the community to participate in building the future of decentralized wallet technology.


Since its inception, Flux has maintained its approach of using excess computation powers to solve practical problems, influencing our adoption of the Proof of Useful Work consensus. As such, FluxEdge aims to provide an essential infrastructural bridge between the scarcity of compute resources for intensive projects like AI, Machine learning, and Video rendering and the abundance of underutilized hardware.

A decentralized marketplace for computing resources, FluxEdge brings together providers with hardware resources to lend and users who need them for their projects.

FluxEdge is an innovative solution that ensures a decentralized playing field for all actors and encourages the effective maximization of GPU resources for the greater good. It addresses the limitations of computing resources many firms, researchers, and developers face, opening up a platform for them to access computing resources to match their dynamic needs. FluxEdge is currently in closed Alpha, with plans to open it to the public in Q2.

FluxDrive Pro

FluxDrive Pro is a decentralized storage solution that leverages API and Interplanetary File System (IPFS) to support bulk uploading and storage on the cloud. The software equips developers to store massive project assets, including images and videos, in the cloud without the risk of loss or compromised data integrity. For example, NFT-based projects can utilize FuxDrive Pro to store immutable data, such as the images of every minted piece.

Combined with Flux Cloud, FluxDrive Pro offers an all-encompassing solution to censorship and de-platforming by ensuring uploaded content stays safe, encrypted, and available forever. There is also FluxDrive for all storage purposes to keep your files safe in the cloud…forever.

Flux Ecosystem offers a comprehensive array of products developed to ensure users experience next-generation decentralized technology at unbeatable pricing. For more information, please join our Discord and check our official website. Visit our marketplace to easily host and run front-ends, nodes, block books, crypto projects, and games with just a few clicks. Flux is very active on Twitter. To participate in Flux’s Proof of Useful Work, check out FluxCore.

Flux is redefining the future of the decentralized internet by bridging the tech barrier and allowing end-users to interact more easily with the Web3 ecosystem. We are innovating to power the free web smarter, better, and at affordable prices. Join us and build the future today.