Flux Pool Authorizes Parallel Asset Payout of over 300k Flux!

The Flux pool approved a distribution of over $160,000 USD to miners that have remained on the pool via parallel assets. You asked we delivered!

Miners and community, today we authorized the payment of over 311,239 Flux to be paid to miners that have been mining since the network upgrade. That's right, you parked your rig, we came through. We promised to deliver to the miners and we are doing so in spades.

The new pool system will be rolled out soon, however; no action is required to receive your Flux. Just keep mining as you have been! If your rig was on the Community Pool you will get paid in Flux. Payouts should be completed this week.

Over the next few weeks, we will be working on the payment system to ensure easy and seamless payouts of Flux and all Parallel assets. Our goal is to keep providing a robust experience for our loyal miners! This payout will be sent to over 2000 miners!

Flux intends to be the #1 asset to mine, and this is another way to reward the loyal miners that support our growing network!

Visit the Flux Community Pool here: https://fluxpools.net/coins/flux

Learn more about Flux here: https://www.runonflux.io/



Blog source for all things Flux, officially; from the Flux Team | https://runonflux.io | https://twitter.com/runonflux

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