Flux partners with watchmaker TSAO for the first ever NFT-based limited edition watch.

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4 min readJun 8, 2022


The “Titan Legacy Watch” will be a limited run of high-end watches linked to a unique NFT built on the KDA blockchain, stored on Flux, and linked to Zelcore.

To commemorate the launch of Project Titan, Flux is issuing a limited edition (250 total) watch with watchmaker TSAO. Each watch comes engraved and issued with its own NFT from the Kadena-KDA blockchain, stored on the Flux network. This is something fun for the Flux community and will give back to a charity as well.

About TSAO Baltimore

Tsao Baltimore is a premium watch company established in 2017. Each timepiece is proudly designed, assembled, and established in Baltimore, Maryland.

Since designing and launching our first timepiece in 2017, we have incorporated two key points. The first is our attention to detail and the quality of each piece. We strive to produce high-quality timepieces using premium components and backing them with our outstanding customer service.

The second is our passion and loyalty to Baltimore. Every design pays tribute to Baltimore and the people within it. Whether the design or the story, Baltimore flows deep within the heart of each Tsao Baltimore timepiece.

About The Limited Edition, Titan Legacy Flux Watch

The Legacy was built and designed to be worthy of being passed on to the next generation. This would combine our passion for quality and watchmaking with the indomitable spirit of the city we are incredibly proud to be a part of. The limited edition Tsao Baltimore Legacy is our heirloom-worthy timepiece, integrating an aggressive super compressor design with subtle and loving visual tributes to the historic city of Baltimore.

The 40mm Legacy takes on an angular, modernist take on the super compressor dive watch formula. The case combines distinctive dual crowns at 2 o’clock and 4 o’clock with a razor-sharp tonneau case design. The industrial brushed finishing emphasizes the sharp lines of the design, while the raised external bezel gives the case a bold visual presence on the wrist. In keeping with the super compressor dive watch look, the Tsao Baltimore Legacy offers a dive-ready 200 meters of water resistance.

The Titan Legacy Flux Edition incorporates a tall bidirectional internal rotating bezel with deep cutouts for the mix of Arabic numerals and indices, along with classic pilot watch style hands and a stark white dial with a lumed Flux icon.

About Alan Tsao

Tsao started as a watch enthusiast and a watch collector. His first watch was an orange quartz Fossil that he took apart and taught himself to reassemble. The fossil turned into a Breitling, a Zenith, which turned into a collection. As a young collector, he would peruse the internet looking for, researching about, and pining over his next watch purchase. One evening, while he was looking to pull the trigger on that next watch, his wife said, “Alan, stop buying so many watches. Why not just start your own company?” The idea was born.

His background is in graphic design, marketing, advertising — and, as he puts it “an obsession with watches.” So, drawing on his wife’s inspiration, he began designing his first watches. He took the pieces from the awful design phase to something he loved. At that point, he thought, "Man, if I like it this much, I know someone else will too.”

He poured money into his fledgling venture — his own, plus funds from a Kickstarter campaign — and put all his expertise in marketing and visuals into the rollout of his first watch.

We look forward to working with Alan, this use-case for NFTs could not be cooler, and the watch is gorgeous!

The Flux-issued NFT-Watch Combo

“I think it's a great idea to link real-world items to NFTs and reduce the FOMO around what NFTs really can do,” states Daniel Keller, Co-Founder of Flux. “What a cool way to give back to the Flux community and show a useful use case for NFT platforms”. Here are some of the features of the watch-NFT combo:

  1. Access to all Flux events in the future for life (hint, hint, FluxCon)
  2. Access to Zelcore+ access for life
  3. Storable KDA-based NFT inside Zelcore, each number to match the watch serial number and reduce counterfeiting and clarify ownership
  4. Exclusive access to the new “Titan Hangout” in discord and access to Beta platforms as they are released on Flux
  5. Other exclusive items include NFTs and airdrops from supporting FluxLabs projects such as KDL, DOC, MOK, and more!

Watches will go on preorder 07–01–2022 and will be open to the first 250 orders via Coinrequest. Watch#1 will be reserved and auctioned off for charity at a later date along with several other items. The estimated cost is $925.00 USD per watch with a limit of 1 per person. Learn more about Flux here. The sale will be posted on both Discord and Twitter, and YES, we take crypto via CoinRequest!



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