Flux Parallel Assets Deep Dive- The Secret Sauce of Flux Defi

  • What are parallel assets and how do they work?
  • How does the Flux economic model work in relation to the parallel assets?
  • What opportunities do parallel assets create for Flux holders and the Flux ecosystem?
  • A short introduction to Flux Defi.
  • How to earn and claim Flux parallel assets?
  • A short guide to using Fusion.
  • Flux-Kadena.
  • Flux-Binance Smart Chain.
  • Flux-Ethereum.
  • Enables Flux to conveniently travel between blockchains utilizing the Flux Fusion bridge. All done with a few clicks using the Fusion app in the official Zelcore wallet.
  • Enables Flux holders to partake in Defi on major platforms such as Uniswap (on Ethereum), PancakeSwap (on Binance smart chain), and KADDEX (on Kadena).
  • Provides many opportunities for arbitrage trading as Flux is now being traded on many Defi Platforms.
  • Establishes a more stable market for Flux with much greater liquidity and less slippage when trading, also balances the market against any actors trying to control the market.
  • Enables the Flux computational network to integrate parallel assets with decentralized applications and Infinity Contracts.
  • The combination of the Flux parallel assets, the Flux computational network, Fusion, and the Zelcore wallet create a powerful platform for trade by combining the best of centralized and decentralized exchanges in one complete package.
  • Flux token on Ethereum: 0x720cd16b011b987da3518fbf38c3071d4f0d1495
  • Flux token on Binance Smart Chain: 0xaff9084f2374585879e8b434c399e29e80cce635
  • Flux token on KADDEX
  • Airdrops for Flux holders.
  • Parallel mining rewards for GPU miners.
  • Parallel mining rewards for Flux node operators.
  • The snapshot for Flux-Kadena happened on march 27th 2021.
  • The double snapshot for Flux-Ethereum and Flux-Binance smart chain happened on June 15th, 2021.
  • While all blocks mined generate parallel asset rewards, it is up to the individual mining pool whether they will support parallel mining and how they will distribute the rewards.
  • Mining pools won’t be able to claim the parallel asset rewards until they are white-listed by the Flux team. This is to prevent mining pools from claiming the rewards for themselves.
  • So far five mining pools have implemented parallel mining on Flux.
  • In the current implementations, the mining pools have decided to convert the earned parallel assets to native Flux before distributing it to miners, so the parallel assets are paid out in native Flux and a fee (usually 2%) is taken by the pool for the conversion and administration related to the payouts. Usually, these payouts happen weekly or bi-weekly directly to your mining address.
  • When a Flux node earns a block reward the native Flux is paid out immediately to the node’s collateral address. The parallel asset reward eligibility for all parallel assets is also registered immediately but needs to be claimed in the Fusion app to initiate a payout.
  • A node operator can claim parallel assets using Fusion at any time as long as the balance due is higher than the claiming fees. The current balance and fees are shown in the ‘Coinbase’ claim section of the Fusion app.
  • The parallel assets claimed for node block rewards are always paid out in parallel asset tokens and are initially placed on the parallel chain. For example, If you claim Flux-BSC then that balance will be added to your wallet on Binance Smart Chain.
  • You can then choose to keep your assets as parallel tokens and trade or provide liquidity on Defi or use the Fusion app to swap the assets into native Flux.
  • Claiming and Fusion swap fees vary for each parallel asset, keep this in mind when planning claims. Often it will pay off to accumulate some parallel assets before claiming as you will save on fees.
  • Unclaimed parallel assets are not eligible for snapshot amounts though, so plan on claiming your parallel assets before an airdrop snapshot is taken.
  • Fusion Swap — Making swaps between native Flux and parallel assets.
  • Coinbase Claim — For claiming parallel asset block rewards for node operators.
  • Snapshot Claim — For claiming parallel assets from airdrops.
  • Orders — Shows Fusion order history.




Blog source for all things Flux, officially; from the Flux Team | https://runonflux.io | https://twitter.com/runonflux

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Flux Official

Flux Official

Blog source for all things Flux, officially; from the Flux Team | https://runonflux.io | https://twitter.com/runonflux

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