Flux Launches Massive One-Million Flux Trading Competition with Partner Exchange KuCoin

Will involve four quarters of ongoing trading competitions and reward users up to One-Million Flux for involvement with the campaign!

The Flux team is very pleased to announce the development and well thought out trading competition to allow users to learn about the Flux ecosystem and reward them for trading and providing liquidity increasing attention on the Flux project overall. We are excited to be working with KuCoin, and their team to offer this opportunity to our community, and their's.

Trading Competition Overview:

Event periods:

Round 2: 7 May — 14 May

Round 3: 17 May — 24 May

Round 4: 26 May — 2 Jun

Event Rules:


Reward Distribution

Don’t have a Kucoin account? Sign up for one here.

More information can be found in the Flux Discord or on the exact breakdown and prize pool. Come check it out:

Check out our website for more information on the Flux Ecosystem and project.

Transaction of 1,000,000 Flux for the trading competition

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