Flux Is Available On Spectrum Finance

Flux Official
4 min readOct 21, 2022

The Flux team recently built a bridge between Flux and Ergo. Flux can now travel and provide cross-chain interaction and integration opportunities on Kadena, Eth, BSC, Solana, Tron, Avalanche, and Ergo blockchains. Thanks to that, we are happy to share that FLUX — Ergo parallel asset has been added to the Spectrum Finance DEX.

Spectrum Finance is an open-source cross-chain decentralized exchange built on Ergo. The main feature of Spectrum Finance is that it will be built on a multi-chain network called Spectrum Network. Spectrum Network is designed to allow the exchange/swap of native assets (e.g., ADA → ETH, BNB → ERG) without wrapping. It means that there is no need for synthetic (wrapped) assets.

The design of the Spectrum Finance protocol is built to provide a secure, fast, and cheap exchange of native currencies and tokens without any intermediary. The protocol is fully trustless and decentralized, controlled by its users.

Now, you can participate in providing Flux-Erg liquidity on Spectrum Finance and earn trading rewards from transactions that happen in the liquidity pool.

How to provide FLUX-Erg liquidity on Spectrum Finance

  1. First, you must have an account in ZelCore with a positive FLUX balance.

2. Open the Apps section and go to the Fusion app.

3. Convert your FLUX to FLUX-ERG.

4. Go to the portfolio and add FLUX-ERG to the default assets list.

5. Then follow the link below and Install the Nautilus wallet in Google Store:

Nautilus: the wallet app;

  1. To create a wallet, click on the Nautilus extension and open the wallet app.
  2. Accept KYA.
  3. Click the “Create Wallet” button.
  4. Add a wallet name (of your choice) and a wallet spending password.
  5. Don’t forget to record and save a recovery phrase in a safe place! This phrase is the only way to restore your wallet!
  6. Once confirmed, you will see the screen like in the picture below. That means that you’ve successfully created your wallet. Congrats!

7. Get your FLUX-ERG. To get some assets to provide the liquidity you will need to transfer them to the Nautilus address.

8. Copy your wallet address.

9. Return to the ZelCore, go to the portfolio page and dive into the FLUX-ERG page.

10. Go to the Send section, add your Nautilus wallet address and choose the number of assets you plan to send.

11. Once the transaction is submitted, your FLUX-ERG assets will be available in Nautilus. The next step is to buy Ergs.

12. Get some ERG on the following exchanges (list of available exchanges) and withdraw them to your Nautilus wallet address.

13. Then, when you have FLUX-ERG and Erg in the Nautilus wallet, you can provide liquidity. Open Spectrum Finance app: https://app.spectrum.fi/

14. Head to the page https://app.spectrum.fi/pool

15. Select “Add Liquidity.”

16. Then, choose the FLUX/ERG pair.

17. Once the pool is selected, you need to choose the amount of liquidity you would like to add or create your pool by setting all parameters.

Both Flux and Spectrum Finance share the same ethos of decentralization and are fueled by community, so we invite you to come to take part. Come check out the official Flux website hosted on the Flux decentralized network. Learn about the Flux ecosystem and see what’s on offer. If you want to learn what Spectrum Finance has built, visit Spectrum.DEX website.