Flux In Review: February Report

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5 min readMar 2, 2023


Flux started the year on a remarkably high note, and two months in, the momentum continued to build. In this article, we will take you through a recap of Flux’s achievements in February.

The beginning of the year marked a significant turning point in Flux’s story with the deployment of fresh features, new collaborations, and upgrades on all fronts. These include the release of the Flux POUW Litebook and the onboarding of the fiat payment ramp, among others. In case you missed it, here is the comprehensive breakdown for January

The Great Gatsby Halving.

On February 8th, Flux halving occurred at a block height of 1,313,200. Halving refers to a pre-programmed process that reduces the issuance rate of new coins into a crypto asset by reducing the block rewards that accrue to miners by half. This is important for several reasons, the most important being inflation control. An unbridled increase in the supply of a crypto asset will ultimately result in its inflationary devaluation. Therefore, since block rewards are the primary way new coins enter circulation, halving the rewards systematically reduces this influx.

But if block rewards get halved, why is this good news? Why should miners remain on the network?

One answer is the long-term benefits. Flux has continued to expand the growth of its ecosystem over the years, which will increase the valuation of the native token and be worthwhile for miners. Also, Flux tokenomics requires the use of the native token in all transactions that occur in the ecosystem; this increases the demand for Flux and decreases the circulating supply. The result? An eventual increase in value.

If you’d love to get more into the premises of Flux halving, here is the official article.

New FluxOS Upgrades

FluxOS, the heartbeat of the Flux network, also had some new upgrades. These new releases build on previous versions and rectify issues that might have raised users’ concerns. FluxOS v3.33.1 fixed several issues, including a peculiar error on nodes not yet confirmed on the network (“Flux does not have sufficient peers”). The release also improved logging in and the search functionality of the Flux marketplace.

FluxOS v3.34.0 upgrade focused on application port fixes and a slight UI enhancement, while FluxOS v3.35.0 optimized application removal and the blacklist feature. It also generally improved the UI experience on Titan nodes.

However, FluxOS v3.36.0 was February's most significant FluxOS upgrade, bringing an increased range of performance and accessibility across the board. Flux storage and Apps Monitor are now available on the Home UI alongside the possibility of installing different applications using the same image and instance.

More Listings

Like every month, February came with a box of new listings. First, it was FLUX listed in the Guardarian, a top exchange provider that bridges the world of fiat and currency. Then Block Earner announced the first fiat pair listing of FLUX/AUD and FLUX/TRY (AUD=Australian Dollar, TRY=Turkish lira), a move positioned to increase Flux adoption and accessibility across Australia and Turkey.

Exodus, a self-custodial wallet, also added FLUX- BSC to their wallet. Similarly, Grand Gambit, the first casino built on the Ergo blockchain, has also listed Flux-Ergo. Exciting times.

New blockchain nodes on Flux Marketplace

The Flux marketplace continues to grow, with three new nodes joining in February and now available for user deployment. Nostr is an open protocol that enables global, decentralized and censor-resistant social media. As an alternative to big-business-controlled platforms, it offers a simple, resilient protocol for developers to build a new type of social media. Here’s how to get your Nostr relay running on the Flux marketplace.

On the other hand, Streamr is a fully decentralized layer zero protocol for “many-to-many data pipelines, network analytics, and instant messaging.” Streamr plans to connect Web3 with real-time data that can be used to build various kinds of fully decentralized applications. Here’s a detailed article on how to host your Streamr node on the Flux marketplace,

Bigert RPC node is also now available on the Flux marketplace. Bitgert is a crypto-engineering organization that offers a comprehensive ecosystem of products that cover all aspects of digital asset ownership. Once again, Flux marketplace has underlined it remains the perfect choice to host your block notes, RPC nodes, game servers, and more.

Finally, WordPress Beta is here!

WordPress on Flux is a significant milestone that the Flux team has been working hard to achieve, and it is finally here! Users can now run the content management software directly on the Flux infrastructure. WordPress on Flux offers several advantages; it is faster, more affordable, and can be customized to match the performance needs of your business. WordPress sites running on the Flux ecosystem will also benefit from all other features of the Flux ecosystem, including fiat payment, geolocation support, and IPFS.

Barely three days after the beta launch, more than 140 WordPress sites are already deployed on Flux! What are you waiting for? Here is an in-depth article to delve deeper into hosting your WordPress site on Flux.

Gas To The Pedal

Flux also expanded its team and brought on a more competent hands onboard. These include a new marketing director, Farid, a product manager for Wordpress-based solutions, Alex, and two new team members, Bill to the business team and Richard, to the marketing team. A project is only as strong as the core team; therefore, Flux leaves no stone unturned in bringing in more professionals. The more, the Fluxier.

Finally, Flux has begun the migration of the Zelhash algo name to FluxPoUW. We are now taking our stand as the one true PoUW project.

For more information on Flux, join our Discord and check our official website. Visit our marketplace to easily host and run front-ends, nodes, block books, crypto projects, and games with just a few clicks.

Flux is very active on Twitter. To stake FLUX via Titan nodes, check out this article.

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