Flux Goes to University.

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4 min readMay 11, 2023


Flux is committed to expanding the frontiers of decentralization, and we are one step closer to a more efficient Web3 ecosystem.

How it all started; Meet Alex

In 2019, Alex Perritaz was working on his master’s program in Data Science, his focus? Assessing risks in early clinical trials using Transformers architecture. Even though it was still a relatively new concept then, Transformers architecture would become the basis for most of today’s advanced A.I. models, including the viral ChatGPT. Alex also acquired two Nvidia 2080 Ti graphics cards to test his models, but they lay unused in his basement after he was done.

Then came the Crypto boom of 2021, and Alex, during his probe into the potentials of this industry, came across Flux. He also discovered that he could mine Flux using his abandoned GPUs, and this was where it all began.

Proof of Useful Work.

Alex delved more into the blockchain world, curious about the answer to the question of cost, efficiency, and optimization. Just like his GPUs after the initial use, he discovered a lot of infrastructure in the blockchain industry needed to be more utilized. They could also be optimized to solve other practical problems in the real world.

Take the academic world, for example; while extensive computational resources are available for research, HPCs have a low average utilization of 5%, leading to over 20% of their thermal design power being consumed while underutilized. What if these resources could be pooled together to increase their overall capacity and be usable for tackling other problems?

This approach aims to reduce their environmental impact and optimize their utilization and overall economic value…Proof of Useful Work for real-life cases was born.

A more efficient way…

Alex Perritaz, now working at the Western Switzerland University of Applied Sciences in Geneva, also joined the Flux business development team with a particular focus on the design and implementation of PoUW.

One of his goals? Explore contributing idle resources at the HES via PoUW towards academic researchers’ machine learning projects. This project, dubbed AcademicOnFlux, focused on the possibility of sharing unused computing resources with the broader research community. It would also study the actual resource usage and depreciation of research labs in universities, in terms of hardware for mainly AI workloads, therefore laying grounds for a useful algorithm such as PoUW.

With AcademicOnFlux in full swing, Alex would focus on the next step.

Flux For Students:

Alex has been introducing students at his university to Flux’s decentralized infrastructure by helping them navigate the ecosystem and deploy their DApps on the network. Beyond HES, Alex is also taking the Flux gospel to other universities.

“I’d love to get in touch with other universities around the globe, talk to their teachers, offer WordPress and node deployment funds, get them involved in Flux, and become acquainted with this new work environment. So that they can see from themselves how cheap and easy it is to use.”

Even as Flux continues advancing on the frontlines of Web3 mass adoption, we are also returning to our roots. We are returning to the lecture halls, the research labs, and individual students.

“The earlier we implement this solution in their workflow at a younger age; the better the chances it might become part of their routine later on. The students of today will be the devs of tomorrow. We’re building it for future generations, so we should have them get their hands on it as soon as possible.”

Through Proof of Useful Work, we show them how Flux can unlock the key to a sustainable environment and efficient energy utilization even resource-wise to power our modern world’s more computationally demanding needs. PoUW aligns perfectly with the 9th and 12th goals of the United Nations. As such, we strongly believe:

“PoUW will lead to building resilient infrastructure, and promote sustainable industrialization while ensuring the economic growth and development of goods and services that improve the quality of life. Ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns, by decreasing oversizing, underutilized resources and the obsolescence of these.”

Flux is redefining the future of the decentralized internet by bridging the tech barrier and allowing end-users to interact easier with the Web3 ecosystem. We are innovating to power the free web smarter, better, and at affordable prices.

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