Flux fork brings new Web3 cloud pricing. Stake 100 Flux to host your dApp, get paid to run on Flux!

Flux is inviting everybody to join the Web 3.0 revolution. To celebrate our network growth and to aid the continued growth of Web 3.0 Flux is launching the best deal in Web 3.0.

Host your decentralized applications for 6 months by locking 100 $Flux and getting it all back at the end of the lockup.

The Flux network has seen amazing growth. With more than 2200+ computational nodes across the globe the Flux Web, 3.0 infrastructure has never been stronger.

Development of the FluxOS is also ramping up with the launch of two major updates during November bringing UDP and Docker compose support, with additional network upgrades like Docker Swarm coming at the beginning of next year.

The dawn of Web 3.0 is truly here. In order to celebrate and accelerate Web 3.0 deployment Flux is launching the best deal in Web 3.0.

The best deal in Web 3.0.

Flux will be offering to host your decentralized applications for a price that is unmatched anywhere in the cloud computing space.

If you simply use and show support for the Flux decentralized Web 3.0 infrastructure by locking up a 100 $Flux stake, we will host your application for 6 months and at the end of the term return the 100 $Flux stake to you.

That’s right, the price of hosting is your support for 6 months. You’ll be staking for a service, simple as that.

The preliminary terms are as follows:

  • Lock 100 $FLUX for a 6-month term.
  • Get 4 vCPU, 16 GB Ram NAD 160 GB Storage to run your application.
  • The application will be launched on 3 instances with full redundancy.
  • Once locked the contract cannot be terminated until the 6-month term is up.
  • When the term is up, the stake is unlocked and your 100 $Flux is returned.
  • This promotion will run for a limited period — to be announced.
  • Final and full terms will be published ahead of the launch of this promotion.

The Flux network can host any hardened dockerized application and is already hosting blockchain nodes, social media applications, games, productivity apps, and more.

Feel free to check out the network resources and running applications on the FluxOS Dashboard or find more information on the Flux website, both hosted on Flux infrastructure.

The best home for your decentralized application is Flux!

Growing the Web 3.0

Decentralization is more important than ever, that’s why we need Web 3.0 to grow and evolve.

With the rapid growth of the Flux network over the last 6 months, the responsibility of the Flux team and community grow as well. Flux already has many of the pieces necessary to support the Web 3.0 infrastructure in play. So, it is the obligation of Flux to make sure that the Flux network is utilized as efficiently as possible to aid and grow decentralization.

That is why Flux is now launching the ‘grow Web 3.0’ initiative.

The purpose of this initiative is:

  • To accelerate Web 3.0 adoption and bring more decentralized applications onto Flux infrastructure.
  • To stimulate the Web 3.0 development environment and community surrounding Flux.
  • To create new opportunities for developing and testing the Flux network and ecosystem.
  • To grow the Flux community by merging with new communities that learn of Flux via their applications being hosted on the network.
  • To challenge the conventional system of hosting applications and show that there is a different way, a decentralized way.

The initiative is all about taking the necessary actions required to support the further growth and development of the Flux ecosystem and Web 3.0. It is guiding many of the decisions and actions that were taken by the Flux team now and in the future.

Current announced actions under the ‘grow Web 3.0’ initiative are:

We’re excited to announce and launch many more actions in the future, so stay tuned.

Flux will do its best to support and champion decentralization and Web 3.0and we invite everyone to come to join us. So get involved and help #GrowWeb3.

Get involved, learn more.

Come check out the official Flux website hosted on the Flux decentralized network. Learn about the Flux ecosystem and see what’s on offer.

See the Flux team AMAs on the Flux Youtube channel, also check out the Ryan Matta interview with Flux co-founder Daniel Keller.

And also, please do stop by the Flux discord to meet the Flux team and community and discuss all things Flux, we’re always on the lookout for new community members or developers.